Salt and Sacrifice Logostus Rime Mage Hunt Guide

Logostus Rime, Undying Scholar, is one of the most challenging Mage Hunts in Salt and Sacrifice. With Logostus Rime’s set of attacks, he can shred your health to the bare minimum. This guide provides strategies to help you complete the mage hunt and defeat Logostus Rime and also discusses the rewards he drops once defeated.

Salt and Sacrifice Logostus Rime, Undying Scholar Location

There are five main regions in Salt and Sacrifice. You’ll find Logostus Rime, Undying Scholar in the Elder Copse region.

Simply follow the path going up to the large stairs at the starting point. There’s a ladder located west of the main platform; climb up and head west till you find a grappling point joined to a wooden structure to the left.

Use the grappling point to find the landmass on the eastern side to find the large stairs where the Mage is waiting for your arrival. However, he will teleport as soon as you start fighting his minions.

Return to the set of stairs to find a lever on top where you’ll fight the Mage again. However, again he teleports, but this time to the western side of the grappling point and the Obelisk.

To find him, you must pull the lever, which will be used to lower a grappling point. The grappling hook helps you reach the area easily from the main Elder Copse Obelisk.

Fight Logostus Rime and his minions until he teleports for the last time. This time, he’ll be found at the Unprofaned Mage.

How to Defeat Logostus Rime

Unlike the Uryks Necklace-of-Ears boss, Logostus Rime is one of the hardest bosses to defeat in Salt and Sacrifice. So, you’ll have to work a bit hard to complete this mage hunt.

He uses five main attacks during this fight. Using Tome Combo, he wields his tomb in one hand while slamming it to the ground. He then follows up by spinning the tomb around him thrice and then wielding the tomb with both hands to perform a double-handed slam. The attack is quite fast, but you can dodge it before the final double-handed slam.

With the Tome Burst, Logostus Rime raises his tomb in front of him before it spins and explodes to create a medium-ranged shockwave. Roll away to avoid the damage from the attack.

The last three attacks: Rune Barrage, Rune Wall, and Rain of Runes are the most dangerous moves in his arsenal.

With Rune Barrage, Logostus Rime can create a circular rune ahead and fire at the target. This attack may be quick, but you still have a chance to avoid it by rolling away and avoiding being at the center of the attack.

Rune Wall is an attack that sees Logostus Rime throw a wall of runes from its back to in front. If you can manage to roll through them, you can avoid the damage.

For the Rain of Runes, he raises his hand and creates a dark aura that releases multiple runes that hit you if you’re in a single spot. Therefore, the best way to avoid it is to continue changing spots throughout the attack.

Considering how Logostus Rime attacks you from every point possible, it’s really hard to get an opening to land a few attacks of your own. But you can still use the moments before the final slam to your advantage and keep rolling away to avoid damage, then following up by targeting his face with a knife slash to deal a good amount of damage,

Repeat this process till you’ve taken down half of his health, which allows you to aim for his heart and put an end to this mage hunt.

Logostus Rime, Undying Scholar Drops/Rewards

Below we’ve listed down all the rewards and dropped items you’ll receive for defeating Logostus Rime, Undying Scholar, and finishing the mage hunt.

  • Storied Heart
  • Tattooed Finger
  • Runed Tongue
  • Forgotten Page
  • Twin Voidepyr
  • Twin Goldenpyr
  • Salt x 12,400
  • Silver x 6,200
  • Guiltless Shard

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