Salt and Sacrifice Kundry Khan Mage Hunt Guide

As you progress through Salt and Sacrifice, you’ll come across a lot of mages. Kundry Khan, the Drowned Behemoth, is one such mage. This guide will brief you on where to find Kundry Khan in Salt and Sacrifice and how to complete the mage hunt in the game.

Salt And Sacrifice Kundry Khan, The Drowned Behemoth Location

Kundry Khan can be found in Archridge District, but you’ll first encounter him next to the eastern Ashbourne Village Obelisk from where he’ll move into the Archridge District. He will start from the bottom floor and work his way to the upper floors before teleporting to his corpse. From there, he will head further up.

On the right side, next to Kundry Khan’s corpse, there is a ladder. Return to the main Archridge building by climbing the ladder to the platforms and jumping over to the ledge on the left.

Continue up using the available ledges and platforms to exit the area to the west into a plaza with a pine tree in the center. You must engage Kundry Khan here, but he will teleport to a new location. Fortunately, it is the last one.

If you haven’t already, head west to the hallway with the Obelisk to set a checkpoint. But watch out for the swinging spiked log trap on the way. To avoid the damage, roll through it.

Following that, proceed to the building to the right of the pine tree plaza. Jump across the gap to the east to find another entrance. There are two walls next to each other there.

You can jump between these walls because they are close enough. Jump between the walls to reach the rooftop, where the encounter with Kundry Khan, The Drowned Behemoth Mage begins.

How To Defeat Kundry Khan

Kundry Khan is one of the more difficult mages to face in Salt and Sacrifice due to his heavy attacks and the short recovery time between them. If you underestimate this boss, you will undoubtedly suffer a fatal blow.

Before we get into how to beat Kundry Khan, here is his entire moveset to help you understand what to expect in terms of attacks and how to beat him.

Staff Slam: Kundry Khan creates a shockwave by smashing his staff on the ground. This has a larger hitbox than what the animation suggests. You should dodge through the attack all the way past his legs.

Homing Bubble: Kundry Khan uses his staff to create a bubble that tracks down the player. You can jump through the bubble to stop the attack and avoid damage. You can also jump over the bubble if you can but make sure to jump forward to clear the hitbox.

Bubble Storm: Kundry Khan creates a rain of bubbles from his staff by swirling it around. The bubbles will be coming after you using a vertical trajectory. You just have to keep an eye on them to dodge them.

Geyser Burst: In this attack, Kundry Khan raises one hand slowly, creating several geysers along the ground which burst after a short delay. Simply step away from the geysers to avoid damage.

That’s all of the attacks Kundry Khan has up its sleeves. Now using the information dodge these attacks and use the opening in between them to deal damage and take Kundry Khan down.

The Staff Slam is devastating at the melee range and has a larger impact area. Rolling away from this is not a good option instead dodge through his legs. This way you’ll get a small opportunity for one or two counterattacks.

The Homing Bubble has a good tracking speed. It is therefore not a good option to try to dodge this attack. Instead, jump through the bubble to pop it early on. This way you can end up close to Kundry Khan and use that split second to deal damage.

The Bubble Storm provides you with the biggest opportunity to counterattack. As soon as you see Kundry Khan lift this staff, rush toward him and attack relentlessly to deal damage. Make sure to avoid any approaching bubbles.

As for Geyser Burst, your focus should be on avoiding the approaching attacks rather than counter attacking because of the randomness of this attack.

Using this information to your advantage punish Kundry Khan and deplete his HP to a level where he falls. When he falls execute him and devour his heart to end the encounter and also, finish the mage hunt.

Kundry Khan, The Drowned Behemoth Drops/Rewards

You will receive the following drop items after defeating Kundry Khan:

  • Drowned Heart
  • Weeping Gland
  • Waterlogged Organ
  • Deep Drop
  • Frospyr
  • Voidepyr
  • Salt x 1,625
  • Silver x 250

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