Salt and Sacrifice Hallowed Hill Walkthrough

If you’re having trouble finding the Hallowed Hill secret region in Salt and Sacrifice, we’re here to help you out with this guide where we’ll be showing you how to access Hallowed Hill and find the Drowned Key in Salt and Sacrifice.

How to Reach Hallowed Hill Secret Area in Salt and Sacrifice

Hallowed Hill is one of Salt and Sacrifice’s hidden regions. You have to input a secret rune combination into the Mirrorgate menu to access Hallowed Hill.

To find this secret rune combination, you have to look for clues hidden around a specific area in Elder Corpse. The clues blend in with the environment, so they’re very easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

The area you need to go to to find these hidden clues is present between Elder Corpse and the Unprofaned Lake.

To reach this area, first travel to Elder Corpse. From your spawn point, head towards the west until you reach the point where you discovered the Mage Hunt for Parxa Krass.

Drop down to the right and start traveling towards the east. Once you reach the end of the path, climb up the wooden platforms until you’re at the top. Jump onto the bridge to the west and then use the grappling points to get to the platform on the other side.

Go through the doorway and continue heading west. You’ll soon find the first clue imprinted on the wall. The second clue will be right next to it, to the west.

After finding these two clues, go through the door to find the third clue, fourth and fifth clue. They will all be imprinted on the wall in the background.

Once you have the five symbols memorized, return to the Mirrorgate Portal and enter the code in the right order. If you do so successfully, you will unlock access to Hallowed Hill.

Hallowed Hill Walkthrough

After spawning in Hallowed Hill, start traveling towards the east. Your goal is to get into a building in this direction, but you’ll have to beat a bunch of grappling and platforming challenges on your way there.

Once inside the building, loot the chest to get the Hallowed Bounty Helmet. You can then leave the building through the western exit.

Start platforming down south from there until you come across some Undead Sages. Make sure to kill them as soon as you can; otherwise, you’ll have a much more difficult time platforming.

Once you reach the bottom, kill the Rust Knights and then travel towards the west until you reach a new sub-area called “Mossgrave.”


An important thing you need to know about this area is that the enemies present here are being guarded by the Sentinel Eyes. To kill the enemies, you have to take down the Sentinel Eyes first.

Once the Sentinel Eyes have been taken care of, kill all enemies and then grapple your way up to the next level. From there, grapple to the platform to the northeast to find Magnesin Pulleys.

Head west from there until you reach the top of the region. Once there, you’ll find a Salt Slab and a door. This door will take you to the starting area. You can now go up the stairs to the west to reach another sub-area called “Revenant’s Keep.”

Revenant’s Keep

The Revenant’s Keep has all kinds of platforming challenges for you to beat. And on top of that, there will be a timed mechanic to the platforming as you’ll need to use the Luminstone.

After spawning in the area, immediately go up to the updraft and grapple up the two grapple points. Go down the path up ahead until you see a stone platform below.

Dropdown onto it and loot the chest to get a heavy armor set named the “Harvestlord Set.”

Return back up and continue down this path until you encounter a Rust Knight. This Rust Knight’s power is being enhanced by an Aberrant Heart, so it’s not a good idea to challenge him right now.

Instead of fighting him, run past him and start heading upwards. There will be another platforming challenge for you to complete, but this one has a twist at the end.

At the end of this platforming challenge, a spinning blade will toss you high up in the air. You’ll die from fall damage if you get tossed up and fail to grab onto a grapple point.

After getting past the platforming challenge, start heading east and climb downwards. You’ll arrive at the same place where you encountered the Rust Knight, and the door next to him will now be unlocked.

Go through the door and then head down the lower set of stairs. This staircase will take you to the very top of Hallowed Hill, where the Hallowed Bounty Throwing Daggers will be found.

After getting the daggers, go back up and then head down the other set of stairs. These stairs will lead you to a mysterious area filled with booby traps.

After getting past that area, go up to the next updraft area. In this area, you’ll encounter a bunch of Undead Sages while going up, which will attack you with long-range attacks.

Once you’re all the way up, you’ll enter a tiny room. In this room, there will loads of Rust Knights (the enhanced ones), and you’ll find a chest in the middle as well.

If you manage to defeat the Rust Knights, loot the chest to get the Drowned Key.

Where to Use the Drowned Key

The description of the Drowned Key says that the key seems to yearn for some place that is “deep yet familiar.”

This place is Treacher’s Grotto, located in the Pardoner’s Vale region. If this area is not unlocked for you, you can unlock it by speaking with an NPC who is representing the PvP factions.

Once you’re in Treacher’s Grotto, head towards the west until you reach a locked door. This locked door can be opened using the Drowned Key in Salt and Sacrifice.

This door will lead you to a room where you’ll encounter a Hydromancer merchant who sells specific items.

The only thing you can buy from this Hydromancer merchant is the Common Material drops from the mages you have devoured.