How to Become Guiltless in Salt and Sacrifice

The following guide will highlight all there is to know about becoming Guiltless in Salt and Sacrifice.

Why Do You Need to Become Guiltless in Salt and Sacrifice

You play as a mage hunter in Salt and Sacrifice who nearly dies at the start of the game. Thankfully, the healing skill of Herbalist Shenna saves you from the brink of death.

When you come to, however, you will notice your depleted health bar. This, as well as your shadowy eyes, is because you are not Guiltless in the game.

You need to become Guileless in Salt and Sacrifice to recover your full health bar. Notice that blue handicap on your health bar. Once you become Guiltless, that handicap will be removed and you will recover all of your health. However, you will lose your Guiltless state upon death.

How Do You Become Guiltless

It goes without saying that being Guiltless is fairly important in Salt and Sacrifice, especially when it comes to surviving boss encounters. You get access to your full health bar by becoming Guiltless. You will otherwise be playing with a handicap.

In order to become Guiltless, you will require Guiltless Shards that are scattered all over the map. They are rare and hard to find. Hence, make it a point to save them for difficult boss fights and not waste them away on minnows.

You will realize the importance of a Guitless state as you progress further in the game. Having a full health bar will ensure that you survive endgame bosses that would otherwise single-shot you.

Guiltless Shards Farming Locations

Guiltless Shards can be obtained through various chests and bags. They can also be obtained by looting defeated enemies in the game.

You can get your first shards by reaching the left side of Pardoner’s Vale. There will be a chest in the stables beside the Reindeer. Open that chest to get two Guiltless Shards.

From there on, consider farming shards by completing mage hunts in Salt and Sacrifice. These are basically boss battles in the game where each boss will spawn a few mobs to keep you busy. Those mobs drop Guiltless Shards upon death.

However, if you are unable to complete or follow up on mage hunts, you can always farm Guiltless Shards by encountering any of the many random bosses in the game that are already with their own summoned mobs.

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