Salt and Sacrifice Ghor Lorhotha Mage Hunt Guide

In Salt and Sacrifice Ghor Lorhotha, Wearer of Tortured Flesh is a named mage. This guide will tell you complete details like where you will find this named mage, how to defeat Ghor Lorhotha, and the rewards you will get for completing this mage hunt.

Salt and Sacrifice Ghor Lorhotha, Wearer of Tortured Flesh Location

To get to the Ghor Lorhotha, Wearer of Tortured Flesh, you have to start from the Marega Gredanya boss arena. From there, head right and use the stone circle that has Luminstone and enter the door on the right side.

Here you have to activate the string on the floor and grapple to the right. From here, you can head up using the ladder and cross platforms. You have to use ladders and different platforms to head up until you reach the spinning trap.

After crossing the spinning trap go left and continue to head up towards the right. Moving up, you will find the shortcut door that you can open by pulling the lever. Right above that door, you will find Ghor Lorhotha, Wearer of Tortured Flesh named mage.

How to Defeat Ghor Lorhotha, Wearer of Tortured Flesh

Ghor Lorhotha, Wearer of Tortured Flesh, is a Corpumancer, and he will attack you from the very start of the fight. He will use an Ensnare move that will leave you helpless and open to attacks.

Ghor Lorhotha will be accompanied by some minions as well such as Burnt Fenbug, Skinskitter and Shambling Guts. It wouldn’t be difficult to take them out, but still, you have to take them out so you can focus on the named mage.

You have to avoid his attacks during the whole fight. And you can easily dodge Ghor’s attack by looking at his hands. You have to use the small window you get before his spells start to work to deal some good damage.

You should do only one hit before Ghor casts the spells. The boss will be locked in a special stagger animation if you continue to do this.

At this point, you have to jump up and grapple Ghor’s head to do heavy damage attacks.

Once his health gets down to a certain limit, you can hit the button to devour his heart. This will end the battle with Ghor Lorhotha.

Ghor Lorhotha, Wearer of Tortured Flesh Drops/Rewards

  • Stitched Heart
  • Weaved Flesh
  • Frospyr
  • Silver
  • Combined Organ
  • Ashpyr
  • Salt
  • Pained Leather
  • Guiltless Shard

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