How to Level Up Fast in Salt and Sacrifice, Best Salt Farming Locations

Having trouble leveling up in Salt and Sacrifice? You’ve come to the right place; this guide will show you how to level up fast while also highlighting the best Salt farming locations in Salt and Sacrifice.

How Leveling Up Works In Salt And Sacrifice

In a game like Salt and Sacrifice, leveling up is as important as ever, or you’ll perish. Going through the game at a normal rate can result in larger foes or bosses being challenging to a degree. To deal with this, you must level up fast.

In Salt and Sacrifice, you’ll need salt to level up. It is the major component in leveling, however, any salt that is collected must be retained at all times.

Killing enemies is, of course, the source of salt in the game. Simply put, you’ll need to kill the easiest of the enemies that provide economical salt in order to level up quickly.

Now, taking down only the easy enemies won’t cut it here; instead, you’ll need to take down a group of both easy and tough enemies to get the most out of it.

Bosses will offer the most salt, but they are not the simplest method to acquire the item; in fact, they are often the reason why you want to level up rapidly, so taking them on should be avoided as far as leveling is concerned.

Routes with more frequent checkpoints potentially offer you the most salt. If you find an area that suits your level and provides a sufficient amount of salt, you can use the Obelisk to rest the area and complete it again for more salts.

It should be remembered, however, that as you farm a specific route, the salt will become less and less lucrative. So you’ll have to choose a different place that provides greater salt later on. Using items like Salt Pieces while farming is another way to effectively increase your total amount.

It is worth noting that if you die, you will lose all of the salt you have accumulated up to that point. However, if you manage to kill the enemy who absorbed the salt, you will be able to recover it all; otherwise, if you die again, you will permanently lose the salt.

Best Salt Farming Locations

With the exp mechanism in Salt and Sacrifice discussed, here are the best locations to farm salt.

Ashbourne Village Salt Farming

To begin with, Ashbourne Village is a good place to farm salt if you want to level up quickly. The area in question is the salt farm on the top right of Ashbourne Village.

If you go to the top level, you’ll find some undead guards and woodmen who are easy targets and offer a good amount of salt. You can use the Obelisk in the area to respawn enemies and repeat the cycle to get more salt.

Bol Gerahn Salt Farming

You need to head to Praying Giants and once there, you need to climb up the large tree using the suspended ropes and ledges. You’ll eventually reach the Obelisk and rest there a bit.

Afterward, to the right, you’ll find the Surface Ranger and Surface Forager. Return to the Obelisk after killing the Surface Forager to find two more Surface Foragers. Kill them, too.

This will provide plenty of Salt. You can always rest at the Obelisk before repeating the process. We’ll update as new locations are discovered.

Where To Go To Level Up

That concludes our discussion of salt collection. However, the question is where and how to level up. We’ll go over how to level up in Salt and Sacrifice in this section.

To begin, go to Pardoner’s Vale by using any of the obelisks in the area and selecting “return to camp.” You must then travel to Trifaul Idol. It can be found by turning left from Champion Hera, climbing the stairs to the vendor, and then climbing the next flight of stairs to the right.

Once there, bring up the menu with the option to level up. Simple as that!

It is worth noting that when you level up you’ll also receive the following items:

  • 1x Black Starstone every level.
  • 1x Gray Starstone every five levels.

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