Salt And Sacrifice Ekriks Graycloud Mage Hunt Guide

Ekriks Graycloud, the Precipice of Chaos, is an electromancer boss in Salt and Sacrifice with the ability to attack from wide and close ranges. The following guide will help you find and complete this mage hunt.

Salt And Sacrifice Ekriks Graycloud, the Precipice of Chaos Location

Ekriks Graycloud can be located in the Ashbourne Village. Head to the west of Valesnight Square Obelisk to get to Ekriks Graycloud. You’ll find the boss on the bridge towards the castle. From there, Ekriks Graycoud will teleport to the middle-western exit of Archridge District, in the plaza.

Again, the boss will teleport to one level below the main building of the Archridge District. Exit from the plaza and re-enter from the main entrance. After another fight, the boss will teleport to the third floor of the building in the lower east.

He’ll further teleport to the main Archridge District entrance that is to the west of the bottom floor. The last spot for him to teleport to is the eastern Ashbourne Village Obelisk. There the boss fight will be set to conclude.

How To Defeat Ekriks Graycloud

Ekriks Graycloud has a variety of attacks that vary between short and long ranges. That being said, the boss does prefer short and mid-ranged attacks.

Ekriks Graycloud has significantly low mobility, which you can use to your advantage by launching long-range attacks. You’ll have other opportunities to get in some damage as well. One such good opportunity will arrive when the boss attacks with the lightning storm.

When that happens, use the window of opportunity to rush Ekriks Graycloud and deal the maximum damage you can during the animation. The boss will be stuck as the direction of the attack can’t be changed once the animation has started.

One dangerous attack to be aware of is the Ball Lightning attack. Make sure to dodge them because they can do quite a lot of damage when they burst. Lastly, take note that if you’re fighting within melee range, Ekriks Graycloud will pull out a lightning spear. This will make dodging a bit difficult.

Ekriks Graycloud, the Precipice of Chaos Drops/Rewards

You will receive the following items once you finally manage to finish this mage hunt:

  • Cracking Heart
  • Silver Tooth
  • Graphite Nail
  • Static Fiber
  • Blazepyr
  • Guiltless Shard
  • Salt
  • Silver

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