Salt and Sacrifice Draeaxenerion Mage Hunt Guide

If you’re having trouble tracking and taking down Draeaxenerion, The Scaled Nobility in Salt and Sacrifice, we’ve prepared this guide for you where we’ll be showing you exactly where to find Draeaxenerion and what you need to do to quickly complete this Mage Hunt in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice Draeaxenerion, The Scaled Nobility Location

To find Draeaxenerion, the Scaled Nobility, you have to travel to a sub-area in Dreadstone Peak called the “Blasphemer’s Vault.”

To get to this location, head to the Pilgrim’s Respite cave and go down to the area in the middle of the cave where you see a Stone Circle present adjacent to a few wooden platforms.

Once you’ve found it, don’t activate it immediately. Instead, go up the stairs on the left side of your screen and flip the lever. This will unlock a gate that will take you to Whitecrag Path.

Now, activate the Stone Circle. A grapple point will appear on the top-right side of your screen. Use this grapple point to get to the ledge next to it. Drop down into the next area from the ledge, and you’ll encounter Draeaxenerion, the Scaled Nobility, accompanied by a few minions.

However, he’ll quickly teleport away from you. Pull the lever on the left to unlock the gate when he does that. After that, head towards the east and open the door.

Save your progress at the Obelisk before going back through the door. Drop down from the wooden platforms and head towards the east until you find Draeaxenerion again.

Unfortunately, he’ll teleport away once again. When he does, head towards the west and drop down all the way to the bottom. Save your progress at the Obelisk before heading east.

Drop down to the area below, and you’ll find Draeaxenerion once again, with a few Vault Retainer enemies. And this time, the boss fight will officially begin.

How to Defeat Draeaxenerion

Once the boss fight starts, you’ll notice that there are quite a few Vault Retainer enemies in the arena with Draeaxenerion, The Scaled Nobility.

An important thing to note is that these enemies are not his minions. Instead, they are also trying to kill Draeaxenerion. The boss will be too powerful for them, so they’ll end up getting killed, but they’ll do an impressive amount of damage before they go down.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest not to kill the Vault Retainer enemies yourself. Instead, let them have a go at Draeaxenerion and just wait until they die. Once they do, you can start fighting the boss yourself.

Most of Draeaxenerion’s attacks in this fight are painfully long combos, most of which track the player as they’re being performed. Because of that, it’ll be quite hard for you to punish Draeaxenerion’s attacks.

The most punishable attack he has is his Laser Beam attack. With this attack, he raises his arm and fires out a laser beam at the ground ahead of him. The ground then heats up and explodes sequentially.

To punish this attack, first, dodge it by getting close to Draeaxenerion’s legs as he’s about to fire the lasers. Once he’s done with the attack, you’ll be able to get a few hits in before he recovers.

The best way to take Draeaxenerion down is through ranged attacks. Draeaxenerion is very slow on his feet. You can exploit this weakness of his by running to the opposite side of the hallway.

It’ll take him a while to walk towards you, so you can simply spam away with ranged attacks. And once he gets close enough, you can run to the opposite side of the hallway again and repeat the process.

Once you deal enough damage to Draeaxenerion, he will become staggered. You’ll then be able to grapple onto his head and attack him with a knife, dealing great damage.

With this strategy in mind, you’ll be able to take down Draeaxenerion, The Scaled Nobility, with ease. Once his HP is fully depleted, he will fall to the ground, and you’ll be able to devour him and finish the mage hunt.

Draeaxenerion, The Scaled Nobility Drops/Rewards

Upon defeating Draeaxenerion, The Scaled Nobility, and completing the mage hunt, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • Dragon’s Tear
  • Drake’s Claw
  • Ember’s Scale
  • Guiltless Shard
  • Salt x17,530
  • Scaly Heart
  • Silver x3,037
  • Twin Ashpyr
  • Twin Blazepyr