How To Play Online And Local Co-Op In Salt And Sacrifice

Salt and Sacrifice has its fair of challenges and a lineup of brutal encounters. Hence, you should consider bringing a friend along for the ride. The following guide will explain how to play online or host a local co-op session in Salt and Sacrifice.

How To Play Local Co-Op In Salt And Sacrifice

In order to play a local cooperative game in Salt and Sacrifice, you need to start a local session where players must connect using an input device. This input device can be a second controller for your friend.

Once this is done, you can proceed to the main menu of the game by pressing X for PlayStation or A for PC on the right side of the screen. Just note that this button should be pressed by the second controller which was connected to the device (either a PS or PC).

Now, you have to select a new game and after choosing your character, both players can easily start the game once they are ready.

How To Play Online Co-Op

Playing with an online friend is also possible and there is a very simple way to do it. Firstly, you must play the tutorial so you can get the know-how of the game.

Once you have completed the tutorial, you must visit Pardoner’s Vale. Your only job here is to find a cooperative board. When it comes to playing online, you can choose to play with either a friend or a complete, random stranger.

Playing co-op with a friend

This is pretty simple. One of two friends needs to host the game and the other must simply join. You can host a game by interacting with the cooperative board and setting a password for it.

Then, just simply press host. The second player will need to enter the correct password in the cooperative board to join the hosted session. This will connect both players in the game.

Playing co-op with random players

It is essential to use a Pale Candle to join a random player. You can also host a lobby for strangers by using a Golden Candle. Just be careful that this can’t be valid without using a Guiltless Shard to be guiltless.

How To Play Co-Op With 3 Players

The other two players must join simultaneously either locally or online. After joining, all the three players need to reach the same destinations in their respective worlds except Pardoner’s Vale.

All three players must now use the pause menu and press system. They must then choose settings before selecting Network. Here, all the players need to enter the same password. Take note that the password can be skipped if you want to play with a random stranger.

The player who is hosting the session should use the Golden Candle to be guiltless. Lastly, the third player who wishes to enter should use Pale Candle.

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