Salt and Sacrifice Best Weapons Guide

Salt and Sacrifice has a large variety of weapons, with different classes of weapons and each class containing multiple weapons for players to choose from. Of course, some weapons are bound to be better than others. Listed below are the best weapons in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice Best Weapons

Salt and Sacrifice features lots of weapons. With the sheer variety of weapons for players to choose from, some of the weapons stand above the rest in the game.

These weapons either deal the highest damage, have the best stats or are well-rounded weapons allowing you to counter everything in the game.

The best weapons are those that every player aims to get for their playthrough, so here, we will list the best weapons we could find in Salt and Sacrifice!

Codex Maul

Class: Greathammer

Damage: 60.7 Light,Dark: 100%

Scaling: Strength – E Conviction – E

At first sight, this Great hammer seems nothing special, but it is the strongest weapon in the game. Not only does it deal the highest damage in the entire game, but it also deals 100% Light and Dark damage, making it perfect for all classes.

The weapon can also block 80% of the damage, making it also one of the best defensive weapons for players who are struggling.

The hammer has two Runic Arts, where you can either summon a circle of Glyphs to damage your enemies or rain down Glyphs on your enemies.

Dragon’s Maw

Class: Twohander

Damage: 48.8 Fire, Poison: 100%

Scaling: Strength – D Arcana – E

Dragon weapons tend to be strong, and Dragon’s Maw is the strongest. The weapon deals high damage, including both Fire and Poison damage.

Dragon’s Maw also has an excellent defense, blocking 80% of the attack damage.

The Runic Art for Dragon’s Maw is Draconic Sharpness. The art allows you to amplify the weapon’s Draconic Magic, making it hit harder.

Force Greatblade

Class: Greatblades

Damage: 47.9 Physical, Light: 100%

Scaling: Strength – B Arcana – E

The Force Greatblade may not be the highest damaging greatblade, but the weapon’s B scaling in Strength makes it the most viable greatblade, which deals some other form of damage as well other than simply physical.

On top of the good damage, the Force Greatblade features a high defense of 85%.

The Blast Vortex Runic Art for Force Greatblade allows you to summon a spinning vortex of Explosive energy.

Vanguard of Dawn

Class: Vanguard

Damage: 11 Fire: 50%

Scaling: Strength – S Conviction – D

Though on the low spectrum of damage in Vanguard weapons, the Vanguard of Dawn still manages to be the best of the Vanguard weapon class in the game. The weapon’s S scaling in strength makes it incredible as you level up.

The weapon provides a 100% block against attacks.

The Vanguard of Dawn has two separate Runic Arts, both of which use Rage. The Steel of Dawn Runic art will amplify the weapon’s Dawnlight Essence, whilst the Crescent of Dawn allows you to conjure a bright arc of flame in front of you to damage all the enemies in the flame’s range.

Venombite Fangs

Class: Twindaggers

Damage: 6.8 Poison: 100%

Scaling: Dexterity – C Arcana – E

Twindaggers are fast and what better than a set of twindaggers that inflict poison continuously as they attack. The C scaling in Dexterity, and the act that these are Class 1 Twindaggers, means that you can not only get them early on but also level them up sufficiently for your entire game.

The weapon also provides relatively good blocking of 65% for only 25% of your stamina.

The Runic Art of Envenom allows you to imbue weapons with venom, allowing for additional poison to build up on every attack.

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