Salt and Sacrifice Anamus Kane Mage Hunt Guide

Anamus Kane, The Infernal Machine, is one of several bosses you need to defeat in Salt and Sacrifice. The following guide will show you how to complete the Salt and Sacrifice Anamus Kane Mage Hunt.

Salt And Sacrifice Anamus Kane, The Infernal Machine Location

Anamus Kane can be located by heading to the large hall at the bottom of Veruna’s Shrine which is near the shortcut gate to the main Corvious’ Mire. Be ready to chase him as he moves from the shrine to the corridor with a wooden platform covering.

He will then move on to the upper-middle platform in the main section of the shrine. Lastly, Anamus Kane will teleport to the large hall which is to the east of the Obelisk, above the main area. There the boss fight will happen.

How To Defeat Anamus Kane

Anamus Kane is a simple boss in Salt and Sacrifice and can be defeated with ease. The attacks that the players must be careful of are the ones in which he lobs grenades. These attacks do a lot of damage and hence, players must dodge them by rolling through the blast.

The best opportunity to launch multiple attacks on the machine is when he’s stuck in his Bouncy Grenades animation.

Just be aware of the locations of the grenades and utilize the time of animation to attack the machine at least three times.

While he launches his Disengage attack and draws backward, get close to him and use the are close to his legs to attack the machine as the only direction he can throw grenades is in the front.

Anamus Kane’s eye, when stuck in a special stagger animation, glows and acts like a grappling point. This chance should be taken to launch a deadly attack on his head.

Anamus Kane, The Infernal Machine Drops/Rewards

Defeating him will net you the following:

  • Clockwork Heart (50%)
  • Noble Oil x1-2 (50%)
  • Mechanum Gear x1-3 (50%)
  • Hidden Spring x1-5 (50%)
  • Twin Mosspyr x1-3 (20%)
  • Twin Ashpyr x1-3 (20%)
  • Salt x10,575
  • Silver X1,725
  • Guiltless Shard

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