How to Upgrade Weapons in Saints Row

Upgrading your weapons in Saints Row Reboot is a little different than before so allow us to explain how the system works.

With the new Saints Row Reboot out, we now have a more complicated and realistic mechanism for weapons as opposed to the previous Saints Row games. In the Reboot version, the place to go to for a weapon upgrade is the same i.e. The Friendly Fire shop, which is denoted by a pistol icon on the map. The only difference now is the level required for a particular upgrade. To learn more about how to upgrade weapons in Saints Row 2022, read on through the following guide.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Saints Row

The upgrade system in Saints Row is divided into three different Tiers. You unlock the first upgrade for your weapons (Tier I) by reaching level 5, after which you’ll first be introduced to the weapon upgrade system in the game. The following Tier II and Tier III upgrades will be unlocked gradually. You just have to reach level 10 and level 15 respectively.

Moreover, the successive Tiers for a particular weapon will increase exponentially not only in price but also in base stats. These include an increase in magazine size, damage, range and reload speed, etc.

The first upgrade (Tier I) of a weapon in SR Reboot will cost $5,000, the second (Tier II) $25,000, and the third one (Tier III) costs $100,000. This makes the total amount of $130,000 collectively if you want to upgrade a weapon fully from scratch.

To upgrade a particular weapon, head over to The Friendly Fire (denoted by a pistol icon on the map) and interact with the shop counter. You can also customize any weapon you want at the shop.

Once there, you can see all the weapons in your arsenal. Select the particular weapon you want to upgrade and scroll down to the upgrade option to kick it up a notch.


Furthermore, each gun in Saints Row Reboot comes with its own unique signature ability. These Signature Abilities can’t be bought though, as they can only be unlocked by completing a certain challenge offered. Depending on the weapon, it can either be to kill a certain number or type of enemies.

To check out what kind of challenge you have for a particular gun, pull out the weapon wheel and it should be right next to the weapon.

Just like the base stats, the Signature Ability of a particular gun is also upgraded with each base weapon upgrade and can even be turned on/off at The Friendly Fire.

Kitted Out Trophy

There is also a Trophy associated with upgrading guns in Saints Row Reboot – Kitted Out. To achieve this Trophy, all you have to do is unlock the Signature Ability for a particular weapon. Once the ability is unlocked, upgrade it to Tier III.

As mentioned before, the total cost to upgrade a weapon would be $130,000. So unlocking the trophy might take a lot of dough out of your account.

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