Saints Row Wanted Missions

This guide will help you access all the Wanted Missions in Saints Row 2022 and a basic outline of the objective of each Wanted Mission.

What’s a successful gang if they don’t carry out hits for anonymous employers. These hits for anonymous employers are presented in form of Wanted Side Missions in Saints Row. There are multiple Wanted Mission in Saint Row Reboot. These are completely optional and you don’t really need to complete them for completing the story, but they are required for 100% completion and you also get some additional rewards for them.

This guide will help you access all the Wanted Missions in Saints Row 2022 and a basic outline of the objective of each Wanted Mission.

Saints Row Wanted Missions

Wanted Mission are hits that you need to carry out and are presented to you in form of dead drops. These dead drops provide you the information about the target, their last know location, or how to find them.

Sometimes, the employer doesn’t want you to go and simply shoot the target in the head, but provides specific instructions on how you are supposed to take out the target. For these targets, you need to make sure that the conditions and instructions are fulfilled so that the mission doesn’t fail.

Following are all the Wanted Mission, where to find them, and a basic outline of the mission.


Location: Lakeshore North. Drop found behind the Batter Up Donut Shop near the skyscraper.


The hit is put out by a gang on two members who are snitching on them to the police. Snitches get stitches, but here, you need to make sure that snitches get bullets.

You need to take out Ron and Millie before they confess. Ron can be found in a cop car being escorted, and Millie is found outside the police station. Both are under police protection, so either be ready for heavy fights or use stealth to get away with the hits.

Rewards: $5,000, 1,200 XP

Car Rustle

Location Old Town West. The dead drop is found in Fort Cullen near the Saints HQ.

The employer has put out the hit on a car thief. He will instruct you to get a specific car and leave it in the open to lure out the thief. You are also directed to an explosive that you need to attach to the car that you use to lure out the thief. Once all is ready, park the car near Fort Cullen and as soon as the thief gets in, BLOW her to the afterlife. If she manages to speed away, chase her and blow up the car.

Rewards: $5,000, 1,200 XP, New Weapon Pattern

Foreign Spy

Location: Lakeshore South. The drop is west of Lakeshore South, on the sign for Canyon Plaza near the mall entrance.

You are hired by a paranoid guy who wants you to find someone spying on him. For this mission, you need to search a generally marked area in the Badlands, until you find a small cabin and an RV trailer.

As you approach the RV, it will explode and the spy will start shooting you from a nearby watchtower. Kill him by either sniping him down or rushing to him while avoiding the fire and traps and take him out mano e mano.

Rewards: %5,000, 1,200 XP


Location: West Providencia. The Drop can be found in an Art shop at the border of West and East Providencia, behind a statue.

The employer wants you to take care of the thugs messing with his business. He will leave a monster truck for you is a scrapyard. Take it and get to Rojas Desert, where the targeted thugs are racing around off-road.

Your job is to enter the race unofficially and destroy them by flattening them. Once you are done with them, you will need to go and take out Luisa, the boss. Kill her off and you are done.

Rewards: $5,000, 1,200 XP

Meth Cookery

Location: Rojas Desert North. Drop for this mission is found in Twin Coyote Arcade.

Your employer for this mission wants you to destroy a meth lab in an RV that’s operating from the camps. You need to head out to the camp and find the targeted RV.

Look around and the RV that you need will have smoke coming out of it. Attach it to your truck and start driving it out. The meth heads will start attacking you, so leave the truck and deal with them.

The reason is that the employer wants you to destroy the RV in a specific location. You want to keep the RV safe until then. Once they are all dead, take out the RV and destroy it.

Rewards: $5,000, 1,200XP


Location: West Providencia. Unlocked after completing the Dustmoot Mission. The dead drop is found in the parking lot of Panther Rock Site.

You are tasked with killing a LARPer necromancer. For this mission, you will be given Dustlander Weapons and RP outfit. The Necromancer is in a cemetery near the Panther Rock Site. You need to clear out her thralls before you can get to kill her. Once everyone is dead, the mission is done.

Rewards: $5,000, 1,200 XP

The following Wanted Missions are Unlocked after you complete the Donut Run Missions.

Un Mecanico

Location: East Providencia. The dead drop is found in the Brewery House.

The hit is placed by a member of Panteros. He wants you to kill another member, but make sure that you are disguised to get to him.

You need to get to the Hot Sauce factory in Smelterville and steal a Panteros truck from here, that will not only reveal the location of the target, but also allow you entry into the Panteros compound. Get in and kill everyone, including the target.

Rewards: $5,000, 1,200 XP

Kart Queen

Location: East Flats. The dead drop is found to the north of the stadium, near the BBQ restaurant.

You need to kill the reigning Go-Kart Champion, but you need to make it look like a accident, Classic. Get the Go-Kart the employer has left for you, and get to the race.

You cannot use your weapons for this mission, and you need to get ahead of all the racer and keep on ramming into the Champion’s Kart until she blows off and end the mission.

Rewards: $5,000, 1,200 XP


Location: El Dorado. The dead drop is found in the El Dorado Strip Club behind the empty pool.

The employer wants you to take out his two business partners. You cannot shoot them. What you are supposed to do is hijack a limo that’s supposed to pick up the two businessmen, and make sure that you don’t damage the limo at all.

Pick up both the targets, then drive outside Smelterville and park the limo on the train track, as see as the train runs over the car, blowing it up and killing the two guys. Why they don’t get out is a mystery, but hey, the deed is done.

Rewards: $5,000, 1,200 XP


Location: El Dorado. You can find the dead drop near the front door of Go! Kart Go! Store.

Your client is Miss daisy who wants to kill the guy who stole her credit card information, and she wants to do it herself. So, you need to meet up with the client and take her to where she tells you.

She tells you that a recent purchase was made in Marina District, so you go to the shop where the purchase was made. She will find the guy and once you find him, just stand and watch as the grandma beasts the shit out of the card thief.

Rewards: $5,000, 1,200 XP


Location: Rojas Desert North. The drop is found in the national park lodge, and is a potted plant.

You are employed by a park ranger who wants you to kill the Idols in the park. There are multiple spots where you need to kill the Idols, and take out the reinforcements as well as the miniboss that shows up. Kill all of them and fill them with red, hot lead to get the rewards.

Rewards: $5,000, 1,200 XP

Marshall VIP

Location: Monte Vista. Dead drop above the college on scenic overlook, at the base of the Oversized Boot.

You need to take out a VIP, but you need to get info on his location from his second-in-command. You get a helicopter, and you threaten the second-in-command to get the location.

Once you get the location, go there and kill the VIP, who is conveniently on top of a building. You can drop the car of the guy you threatened to look cool too.

Rewards: $5,000, 1,200 XP

Wanted Mission Rewards

Once you have completed all the Wanted Mission, you get the following rewards:

  • Western Chaps Outfit
  • Weapon Mod
  • Straight Shooter Emote
  • Can’t Hear You Emote
  • Wanted Poster HQ Collectible
  • 2,700 Bonus XP

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