Saints Row Reboot Reportedly Unlocks Insane Abilities By Chaining Kills

The upcoming Saints Row reboot will apparently push its franchise-signature chaotic gameplay even further by allowing players to unlock powerful abilities the longer they remain in active combat.

According to a report by WhatIfGaming earlier today, the new Saints Row has something called “Flow Points” that can be earned by chaining together kills and destruction. With enough points, players can activate “better abilities” such as shoving a grenade down in an enemy’s pants before throwing them into a group of enemies for a large explosion.

The report notes that all Saints Row abilities are tied to its new Flow system and character progression. The more players level up, the more abilities they unlock. The better the abilities, the more Flow Points they will need to activate them.

In addition to abilities, players can have up to five different perks in the upcoming Saints Row reboot. Some of these will function as abilities themselves such as an ultimate-tier perk where players can call in a missile to blow up an entire area. Unlock these perks will require players to complete challenges, side missions, and parts of the main storyline.

The new Saints Row is also bringing back a fast travel system where players can unlock new fast travel locations by simply taking pictures of nearby landmarks and monuments. That should save players a lot of driving time, especially when considering the expansive nine districts players will be traveling between.

Saints Row has no multiplayer support apart from its drop-in cooperative mode, but playtesters have mentioned that the game plays like it will be receiving multiplayer down the line, perhaps as a post-release expansion update.

Saints Row reboot will release on August 23, 2022, for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC provided that there are no more delays. Take note that the PC version is exclusive to the Epic Games Store. That exclusivity will, however, be timed and should end for a Steam release in a year.

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