How To Make Money Fast In Saints Row

The Saints Row reboot has a lot of new features but there is one thing that is still intact which...

The Saints Row reboot has a lot of new features but there is one thing that is still intact which is money. Money can allow you to buy the things you need in order to thrive in the game including weapons and other things. This article will guide you about how to make money fast in the game.

Saints Row Reboot Money-Making Tips

There are a number of ways through which you can increase your income and profits in Saints Row. These may vary according to your skills.

Kill Enemies

One obvious way to earn money is to simply kill every enemy you come across in the game, and you will come across a lot of them.

Enemies will drop cash upon death. The ones you kill in the main storyline missions drop comparatively more cash. Hence, take no prisoners when completing the main campaign.

Hunt Wanted Targets

Make it a habit to always pick up bounties as a side activity. Chances are that you will complete your bounty while going after the main mission.

Bounties can be found all over the map and each successful bounty rewards $5000 which is a lot. You also get loads of XP which further helps in leveling up your character.

Wanted Targets will unlock after you complete the “Making Rent” mission. That is the third mainline mission in the game.

Complete Side Hustles

These comprise various side activities that you can do on the side for bonus cash or just pure entertainment. Completing a single Side Hustle will bring in $4000 but like Wanted Targets, you need to complete the “Making Rent” mission to unlock Side Hustles.

Dive Into Golden Dumpsters

You can literally dive into a dumpster for loot in the Saints Row reboot. Keep an eye on your map for a Golden Dumpster icon. You will have to discover new areas to make them appear on your mini-map.

When you do find a Golden Dumpster, dive right in to get around $2000 as well as cosmetic items.

Sell Drug Pallets

There are over a hundred drug pallets scattered all over the map which you can find and sell for quick cash. These belong to smugglers who left behind their cargo while escaping law enforcement agencies.

Drug pallets are just one of many collectibles in Saints Row. You will need to complete tasks in an area to see all of the nearby drug pallets on your mini-map.

Upgrade Criminal Ventures

Do not forget that the Saints Row reboot is about building a criminal empire. This includes upgrading your criminal ventures for bonuses and new features. In this case, you can increase the amount of cash earned through each venture. This covers a passive income from your ventures as well as a payout when you complete every goal in that venture.

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