Saints Row Leveling Tips

The Saints Row franchise returns with a soft reboot including the same bombastic action in an open world filled with...

The Saints Row franchise returns with a soft reboot including the same bombastic action in an open world filled with countless opportunities to cause mayhem. Players get to choose from a variety of new weapons and vehicles with the return of some old fan favorites.

The following guide will show you how to level up in Saints Row to fasten your goal of defeating the other rival gangs.

Saints Row (2022) Leveling Tips

You need to level up in the Saints Row reboot to unlock new skills, which is important for character progression. The maximum level you can achieve in the game is level 20. The tips given below will get you there in no time.

Main Story Missions

Completing the main storyline missions give you large amounts of XP. Story missions provide the most amount of XP out of all the missions while ventures give 3000 XP to be exact. Hence completing the story is a respectable method to level up.

However, the main story requires 12-17 hours to finish on average so it will require some dedication to complete all the story missions. You can open your character’s phone and access the missions tab to keep track of the next story mission you must complete.

Side Hustles

Side Hustles are like side quests. If you don’t fancy a story mission and want to deal with it later, you can always complete a side hustle.


There are many types of side hustles to choose from, but we recommend @tcha side hustles. In @tcha side hustle you have to fight a wave of enemies for a reward. These are the best side hustles as they reward you with 2500 XP, which is the greatest out of all the other side hustles. You also get $10,000 for completing @tcha side hustle.

Wanted Missions

In these quests, you are tasked to hunt down people with bounties on them. These missions are fairly simple. Often you have to chase an NPC down and eliminate them for a reward.

Completing these quests will reward you with 1200 XP and $5000 cash. These missions can be completed very quickly especially if you have access to a fast vehicle.


Completing challenges grants players with perks but they also can be used for farming XP. Completing a single challenge will reward you with 1125 XP and a new perk. More challenges can be unlocked by doing main story missions.

Criminal Ventures

This is by far the easiest method for leveling up and also getting some cash as a byproduct. We highly recommend you set up at least one criminal venture.

Opening multiple criminal ventures are going to be very costly but you will get rewarded adequately later. After setting up a criminal venture you instantly get a large amount of XP.


After setting up a criminal venture in a district you will unlock threats for that district. You can have a maximum of 5 threats for each district.

All of the threats are simple and fun to complete. Each threat rewards you with 500 XP and increases your criminal venture income. Hence if you are setting up a criminal venture, completing threats is a must.

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