Saints Row Hoverbike Location Guide

In this guide we will go over the location of the turret mounted Hoverbike in Saints Row Reboot and how you can get it.

In Saints Row, players can unlock various vehicles, including tanks and supercars. If you find these vehicles on the map, you can bring them to your garage and they’ll become yours, or you can complete corresponding story missions and challenges to unlock them. One such highly coveted vehicle in the new Saints Row Reboot is the Hoverbike and in this guide, we will tell you how to get it.

Saints Row Hoverbike Location

Hoverbike is not only quick but can also help you during your fights against your enemies in Saints Row. Equipped with weapons, you can use your Hoverbike during firefights to make quick work of your enemies.

As you progress through the game, you’ll get a hoverbike when you complete the mission Corporate Retreat. As part of this mission, you’ll be riding a hoverbike with the crew and fighting multiple Marshall enemies. When you’re done with the mission you can either grab one from your garage in Saints HQ or have it delivered at any time.

Hover Bikes are cool to have at the beginning of the game. The bike can be used to jump over walls when you’re on it. There’s also a turret on the bike, which is helpful in firefights. There’s no flying in this hoverbike, it just hovers.

Though the weapons are powerful, the hoverbike is useful as well. When exploring Santo Illeso, you’ll want a familiar vehicle to drive if you want that sense of safety. So whenever you find want to find a vehicle for traveling purposes in Saints Row, you must get familiar with it so that you can ride it safely. Some Marshall bases have hoverbikes, but they’re rare.

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