Saints Row Gangs and Factions Guide

The Saints Row reboot introduces new gangs and factions that were not part of the original game. These gangs have...

The Saints Row reboot introduces new gangs and factions that were not part of the original game. These gangs have their own backstories and territories alongside their own members with unique weapons and attack moves.

There are four gangs that serve as individual factions in Saints Row and you will get to know each of them by advancing the main storyline.

The following guide will introduce you to each of the four gangs and their key members.

Saints Row Gangs and Factions List

Something noteworthy is that you are the boss who starts out as part of the Marshall Defense Technologies faction. Each of your Saint members belongs to one of the other gangs or factions. Neenah hails from the Los Panteros gang while both Eli and Kevin hail from the Idols.

Your goal is to work with the Saints to defeat the other rival gangs and rule over Santo Ileso by yourselves.

Marshall Defense Industries
Marshall Defense Industries is the first faction that you will come across in the game. It is a private military faction that is run by Atticus Marshall. The group deals in technologically advanced soldiers and state-of-the-art weaponry.

Every war crime and violent operation can somehow be linked back to the Marshal Defense Industries. They are not only the most profitable but also the most dangerous corporation to exist.

Marshal Defense Industries ensures that their soldiers are equipped with a wide variety of vehicles and weapons such as hoverbikes, tanks, attack helicopters, and any other military-grade option they can muster on the streets.

Los Panteros
Led by Sergio Velez, the Los Panteros gang comprises thugs and criminals who were originally brought up on the streets of Santo Ileso. They control all sorts of criminal activity such as drug trafficking, smuggling, auto thefts, protection rackets, and such.

Los Panteros members are all about creating chaos. They drive around the city to keep tabs on their corners and do not shy away from melee fights. They are also known to use explosives for large-scale destructions.

The Idols
Where Los Panteros were the original home-grown street gang, the Idols are the new, modern-day gang looking to run the city in their own ways.

The Idols are more of a cult than a gang. They are run by the Collective and all of its members wear neon masks to hide their identities. They have slipped their crime-infested fingers in pretty much every aspect of the city: from social to cultural to economic to political.

Their weapons include glowsticks, a form of lightsabers, that are used to deflect any projectiles and explosives. They often travel on motorbikes for quick escapes but resort to large karts when they are in the mood for large-scale destruction.

The Saints
The fourth and final faction in the Saints Row reboot is obviously the Saints themselves. They are led by you, the boss, and look to push out each of the other three gangs/factions to take over their territories. Suffice to say that the Saints have a long history here and make up for a major portion of the campaign.

Unlike the other gangs and factions though, the Saints must rise by building themselves from the ground up.

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