How to Customize HQ in Saints Row

We've put together a guide to help you realize your dream HQ in Saints Row and customize it with furniture and items to your liking.

In Saints Row, you are the leader of the gang known as The Saints, a group of ragtag individuals who left their original gangs behind. Each faction has its HQ in Saints Row and you start with an old, broken church in Santo Ileso as your headquarters.

As you progress through Saints Row and increase your influence over the city, you will be able to obtain resources and materials with which you can upgrade your HQ. This guide provides several tips and tricks on how to customize and renovate your HQ in Saints Row.

How to unlock HQ Customization in Saints Row

HQ customization isn’t available from the get-go in the Saints Row reboot. To unlock this feature, you must first complete the mission ‘Take me to Church’ followed by the ‘Office Décor’ mission which unlocks the collectibles app on your phone. Throughout the course of the campaign, the church will receive some facelifts that are out of your control.

Use the Collectibles App

The Collectibles tab can be accessed through your mobile where you will find four main categories for items. These items can be placed inside your HQ; 29 small objects, 47 Medium objects, 23 large objects, and 16 wall hangings.

You can unlock and find these collectibles easily by completing missions. Taking pictures of items with a purple glow also unlocks collectibles.

Areas, where you can place these items, will be marked with brown plates. Look for them and then open your collectibles menu to see what items can be placed there. The sizes of objects may differ from the ones you took pictures of.


Similarly, keep completing missions and look for collectibles to add to the looks of your HQ. Throughout the course of the story, the church will expand and you will be allowed to place an ever-increasing amount of items around the area.

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