Saints Row Best Vehicles and Where to Find Them

Finding a good vehicle is your top priority in Saints Row since you’re always on the run escaping different gangs...

Finding a good vehicle is your top priority in Saints Row since you’re always on the run escaping different gangs that are constantly trying to hunt you down. In these cases, you might want to make a quick get-away which is always a better option than engaging in a crossfire.

Therefore, it’s worth the time to find the best top-speed vehicles in SR Reboot that will help you escape danger in a quick fashion. In this guide, we’ll be showing you Saints Row Best Vehicles and the locations where you can find them at.

Where to Find the Best Vehicles in Saints Row

Vehicles in the SR Reboot will not only help you escape a mob but are also an integral part of running from the cops and although each mission rewards you with a specific vehicle, there are still plenty of vehicles worth mentioning.

Since you’re only allowed to choose 40 cars at the most that roam the city of Santo Illeso, you’ll have to choose wisely as to which vehicle is best suitable for a quick escape.

Below we’ve arranged the top 5 of the fastest and best-looking vehicles in Saints Row 2022.


When it comes to the best-looking cars in Saints Row, Phoenix takes the top spot on the list. This muscle car comes with an outstanding Top Speed, and a good Performance and although its Durability is questionable, it’s still one of the best cars to use for a fast chase with a ball and chain attached to its back.


This vehicle will be unlocked as a part of the main campaign and you’ll find it at the end of the campaign.


The second vehicle on the list is not a muscle car but is a high-speed, sports bike. Kenshin is probably the fastest bike you’ll find in the game as it reaches top speed within just a few miles from its initial spot.

Plus, it comes with a strong performance and good handling and the best part is that it will recharge your nitro once it gets a full boost. With just a handful of bikes in Santo Illeso, you won’t have much difficulty finding this speedy beast standing near buildings and hotels.


Although not the best-looking car, Raycaster can still be a pretty good addition to your car collection with high-speed, high performance and somewhat decent durability on the road.

It may not look like a car that can escape a chase, but that is far from the truth considering how this car has a built-in Ejector Seat installed that will launch you in the air, giving you an opportunity to use your Wingsuit for a quick fly.

You’ll find this car to be one of the most common vehicles to find in rich cities and you can acquire it with a Saints decal by completing main missions.


The name visually gives a hint of what the vehicle might look like. Gargantua is a monster truck in Saint Rows and probably one of the best choices for an escape plan as it can literally crush the enemy below its massive tires.

This is one of the most lethal and strongest vehicles in Saints Row and can be found at Los Panteros hideouts.


We have saved the best for the last. Attrazione is by far the fastest and the rarest car to find in the game. This supercar comes with the best performance and the most speed out of all the vehicles mentioned in this list, making it a complete package.

You’ll get rewarded with an Attrazione upon completing all of the JimRob’s Garage venture missions.

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