Saints Row 2022 Best Cars

Saints Row 2022 has a good variety of cars. But which of these standout?

Finding a good car is your top priority in Saints Row 2022 since you’re always on the run, escaping different gangs that are constantly trying to hunt you down. In these cases, you might want to make a quick getaway, which is always a better option than engaging in a crossfire. A car has to give you the best support whether it is on-road or off-road. Even when you are going around town, demolishing cars and lives, it’s better to do it in style. With countless customization options for you to look into, Saints Row gives players the perfect opportunity to be creative with their wheels.

Therefore, it’s worth the time to find the best top-speed cars in Saints Row Reboot that will help you quickly escape danger. In this guide, we’ll show you Saints Row’s Best cars and the locations where you can find them.


best car pheonix

When it comes to the best-looking cars in Saints Row 2022, Phoenix takes the top spot on the list. This muscle car comes with an outstanding Top Speed, and a good Performance and although its Durability is questionable, it’s still one of the best cars to use for a fast chase with a ball and chain attached to its back.

This car will be unlocked as a part of the main campaign and you’ll find it at the end of the campaign.

Bullpup Buggy

bullpup buggy

Saints Row is full of roads, both on and off. To have the best experience on each road you need the best car for each road. For off-roading, there will be nothing as cute and exciting as having the Bullpup Buggy in your garage. This car is a mix of two different types of cars. With the body of a golf cart and the wheels of a mini monster truck, you are sure to have a blast roaming around the dry and rocky lands.

You can find this car in the western area of Kavanagh County.



Although not the best-looking car, Raycaster can still be a pretty good addition to your car collection with high speed, high performance, and somewhat decent durability on the road.

It may not look like a car that can escape a chase, but that is far from the truth considering how this car has a built-in Ejector Seat installed that will launch you in the air, allowing you to use your Wingsuit for a quick fly.

You’ll find this car to be one of the most common cars to find in rich cities and you can acquire it with a Saints decal by completing main missions.



If you wanna drive around town in Style, then the Ethel is your car of choice. This beauty of a sedan is a classic, with some exquisite paint job options at Jim Robs. Driving this car will make you feel like you own the place. It isn’t meant for off-roading so be careful not to hit the high roads with this gem.

This car will be unlocked while progressing through the main storyline.

Fer De Lance

fer de lance

A Saint Row classic and fan favorite, the Fer De Lance is back to show every other car that owns the streets. This hypersport is among the fastest, if not the fastest, cars in the game. It’s not a choice for off-roading but definitely a choice for on-roading.

Fer De Lance can be found on the map’s Northern side, especially around the expensive neighborhoods. Walk around the area, and you might just get lucky on a random traffic signal.



You cannot roam around the streets if you know you are not safe. Whether it is on foot or in a car. The best way to make sure that you are safe and secure on the road is to own a Titan. This fortress-built car will keep you safer than any other car on the list and will also pack a punch should you wish to demolish some eye-sore cars (or civilians).

Look around for the ‘Money Bag’ icon on the map. You’ll have to kill for the Titan, but honestly, it’s worth it.



If you are looking for a tank on wheels then look no further. The MD1-525C is a colossal car that, If you look into it, doesn’t fit the car category as you are basically bullying every other car with this one. The car comes equipped with a Turrent on the top which comes in handy to take down anyone or anything standing in the way or chasing from behind. It has good durability and can even go off-road. Talk about a serious package.

The MD1-525C can be found on the Northwest side of Santo Ileso in a heavily guarded compound. You will have to rip and tear your way to this car, but is it worth it? YES!



We all know how overpowered police cars are in any game. They literally catch up to the fastest cars and even go off-road. In Saints Row 2022, the best police car is the Peacemaker. And owning one would get you away in any situation. With high durability, great speed, and high off-roading stats, this is your getaway car on every occasion.

Steal this car from the police after becoming notorious, or just take it off of a policeman who’s probably eating doughnuts, unaware of what’s about to happen.



We have saved the best for the last. Attrazione is by far the fastest and the rarest car to find in the game. This supercar comes with the best performance and the most speed out of all the cars mentioned in this list, making it a complete package.

You’ll be rewarded with an Attrazione upon completing all JimRob’s Garage venture missions.



A car that joins past and future. The Vindicator is an amazing car that comes with an even more amazing ability. Upgrade this car to unlock its ‘Infinite Boost’ ability and wreak havoc on the streets of Saints Row. This car has a metallic body with shark fins on the rear, almost looking like it came out of a fictional movie.

Find all 5 tires in Badlands North and complete the 3 Nitrous challenges to unlock this trailblazer.



Size matters, folks. And if you want to show the streets that you mean business, the Gargantua is the car for you. This monster truck is no joke. With such a huge body and set of tires, any other car does not mean anything near it. This car rolls over them as if it were nothing, and the body keeps you safe, even against bullets. An off-road trip in this beauty of a beast will be up to expectation.

You can find the Gargantua in any of the Los Panteros hideouts. Be aware that they aren’t gonna let you take their baby for free.



Another Monster truck but with a twist. The Heavyweight is a military-grade car that has it all. High speed, high durability, high control, and high destruction rate. Raam this bad boy into any car and ride away with an explosion in the back to give you that aesthetic movie effect.

Find all 5 tires Bones in Kavanaugh County and do 3 barrel rolls to unlock the Heavyweight.

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