Saints Row Best Perks

This guide discusses the several different types of perks that can be applied to the characters in Saints Row and which ones are the best.

In Saints Row, perks allow you to apply a unique upgrade or ability to your player. There are several different types of perks that can be applied to the characters in Saints Row which will provide a unique boost to the character.

The perks are also divided between Minor, Major, and Elite in Saints Row Reboot. In this guide, we will explain how to unlock perks in Saints Row Reboot and the best perks in the game as well.

How to Unlock Perks in Saints Row

In Saints Row, the perks can be unlocked by completing different challenges that can be found in the missions tab. To see the available challenges, open your phone and go to the Missions app. In the Missions app, go and select the Challenges tab. You will see the list of challenges available to be completed in this tab.

In Saints Row, the first 21 perks will require 1 challenge each to be unlocked. After them, the remaining ones require several challenges to be completed before they can be unlocked and used. Below we have listed all the Minor, Major, and Elite perks in Saints Row Reboot and what bonuses they provide.

Minor Perks in Saints Row

Perk Name Perk Description Challenges required to Unlock
Tactical Training Allows you to move faster while crouching and using fine aim Auto Unlock
Death Race Movement speed increases when close to death. 1
In the Flow Flow is never lost except when you use a skill. 2
Close Call Getting a near miss in a vehicle provides a speed boost. 3
Gunslinger Increase hip fire accuracy. 5
Sneak Attack Attacks from behind do more damage. 6
Fire Resistant Damage taken from fire decreases. 8
Dead Eye Reload speed increases for a while if you hit a headshot. 9
Loot Grab Cash and ammo are collected automatically from the ground. 11
Shock Tactics When you attack an enemy with melee, they get tased. 12
Trampoline Wingsuit gains more altitude. 15
Speed Demon Boost time while driving gets increased. 18

Major Perks in Saints Row

Perk Name Perk Description Challenges required to Unlock
On the Down Low All actions generate less notoriety 4
Scavenger When you pick ammo, you gain extra rounds 7
Full Contact Kick cooldown gets decreased. 10
Fast Learner Gain bonus XP. 13
Nihil Obstat More damage is done by NPC Saints. 14
Shiny & Chrome More damage is done when you side swipe enemies. 16
Dual Wield Dual Wield SMGs for extra damage. 19
Flow Gambit Sacrifice damage done in favor of flow of attack. 24

Elite Perks in Saints Row

Perk Name Perk Description Challenges required to Unlock
Saving Throw When your health is almost empty, gain 2 more health bars. 17
Surgical Strike Damage gets increases temporarily when you perform five precision kills. 22
Rampage More damage is done when flow meter is full. 40
Big Finish When a takedown is performed, 2x health is gained. 34
Ride Eternal When your vehicle destroys another vehicle, it gains health. 30
Dodge Baller After you dodge a melee attack, deal more damage to enemy for a while. 38

Saints Row Best Perks

Some perks in Saints Row are better than the others and in this section, we will list down the best Minor, Major, and Elite perks in Saints Row Reboot.

Best Minor Perks

  • Close Call: Getting an extra vehicle boost is always good and this perk will boost up your charge whenever there is a close call, making it a cool and useful perk!
  • Dead Eye: You will not want a faster reload and Dead eye increases the reload speed which provides a huge advantage in combat. So, this is one of the best perks in the game.
  • In the Flow: This perk is useful as it allows you to maintain the flow of attack until a skill is used.

Best Major and Elite Perks

  • On the Down Low: This perk allows you to gain less attention when causing mischief which is a welcome advantage for all.
  • Dual Wield: Two is better than one and this perk shows that. 2 SMGs will help you take down enemies more easily and quickly as well.
  • Surgical Strike: Whenever you hit a headshot, you will be able to deal much more damage to the enemy which is great.
  • Rampage: Rampage greatly compliments In the Flow perk as it is capable of generating the flow meter and when its full, rampage will kick in, allowing you to do much more damage.



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