Saints Row 5 Gets Dead Space 2 Writer

Jeremy Bernstein has joined developer Volition to work on the upcoming and much-awaited Saints Row 5 as a new principal writer.

He has previously written for a number of popular games like For Honor, Dead Space 2, and The Crew 2. Bernstein has also written for television, including episodes of Leverage, The Librarians, and The Dead Zone. While no official details have been shared, Bernstein will presumably have to come up with the most chaotic narrative with irreverent humor as possible for Saints Row 5.

Saints Row 5 was announced to be “deep in development” last year and suffice to say, currently exists in name alone. Volition has not made any reveals at all, and neither any confirmations have been given for platforms or release windows. According to parent company Koch Media, Volition will start talking about Saints Row 5 somewhere in 2020. It has led to speculations that Saints Row 5 will be eying a release on next-generation consoles, and may even be a cross-generation game.

The game being a launch title though, is out of the question. Bernstein was only brought in now and Volition is yet to even name the game. Hence, at best, the developer will probably use 2020 and perhaps a majority of 2021 before releasing the next installment in the franchise. Koch Media has promised that Saints Row 5 will be a massive jump in terms of visual and technological marvel, and that nothing will distract Volition from creating one of the best installments in the franchise to date.

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