Saints Row 4 Text Adventure Fragments Location Guide

In Saints Row 4, there are some collectables which are called Text Adventures. These are total 8 number which are scattered throughout the world of Saints Row 4.

Finding these will not only ensure your 100% game completion but also unlock one of the game’s challenges. These collectibles look like small computers that will glow.

Find them to receive cache and experience from Kinzie. For more help on Saints Row 4, read our Secret Weapons Unlock, Loyalty Missions and Challenges Guide.

Saints Row Text Adventures Locations

Text Adventure #1Port Pryor
Location. It will be located on stairs going down to the water behind the casino. The wall besides the stairs will have a large symbol on it.

Text Adventure #2Burns Hill
Location. It will be located on top of a tower in the north of the Nuke Plant. You will also find a Data Cluster and Stomp Cluster near it. Also note that you will have to perform high jump in order to reach the rooftop.

Text Adventure #3Espina
Location. The bridge leading to the National Guard base will have the next Text Fragment on top of it. Look for it in the southern part of the bridge to find it.


Text Adventure #4Loren Square
Location. Make your way to north side of Loren Square and you will get to the large central bridge. Jump onto the rooftops and look for the next fragment towards the right side of the street.

Text Adventure #5Rosen Oaks
Location. Keep on moving to the center of the neighborhood and keep on moving to your south until the road splits into two – left and right. Move to your left towards the backyard of the houses to find the next Text Adventure.

Text Adventure #6Wesley Cutter International
Location. Make your way to the eastern side of the airport and make a high jump across the streets from the maintenance buildings to find the next fragment of Text Adventures.

Text Adventure #7Ashwood
Location. Make your way to the bridge leading towards east from Ashwood. Stand near the water’s edge and jump onto the platform above to collect the next Text Adventure fragment.

Text Adventure #8Ashwood
Location. Keep on the same bridge towards east in Ashwood where you found the Text Adventure# 7. Keeping moving forward – about halfway across the bridge until you get to an identical platform. There you will get the next Text Adventure.

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