Saints Row 4 Takes Dig at GTA 5 With GAT V Pack, Available For Free

Accompanying the launch of GTA 5 is the release of a new DLC pack for Saints Row IV called GAT V. The name is obviously a play on words and is being specially targeted by Deep Silver to coincide with the release of Rockstar’s latest Grand Theft Auto installment.

To make the situation all the more interesting, Deep Silver is offering the GAT V pack for free on Steam just for today. The pack includes Aisha’s outfit, Johnny Gat’s outfit and hair, a gatling knife thrower weapon and a heavy machine gun costume for the Thumpgun.

Deep Silver has also released a new trailer which takes an extra dig at the new Grand Theft Auto V. You can check the trailer above and have a heart laugh.

Also out today is the Wild West DLC pack containing two western-themed outfits and an old west revolver. These releases come on the heels of the Presidential and Grass Roots packs’ launch late last month.

Both new DLC packs cost $2.99 each and are available now on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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