Saints Row 4 Side Quests Guide – How To Complete

How to complete all the side quests in Saints Row 4 to unlock all the weapons, vehicles and outfits.

In Saints Row 4, characters will give you some optional side-quests which would NOT be mandatory but completing them will unlock many rewards, powers, cache, XP, and outfits for different characters.

Most of these include a series of tasks that you must complete in order to complete the quest successfully. For more help on Saints Row 4, read our Challenges, Stores Hacking Solutions and Outfits/Costumes Unlock Guide.

Saints Row 4 – Side-Quests Guide

Keith David

Simulation Instruction
To get this quest done, you will have to do a series of challenges which will pave way for your success. First, you will have to explore the tower and get to the marked location.

The next task you will have to complete is Simulated Fraud which involves you being ragrolled after being hit by a car. For more information on how to do these challenges, read our complete guide here!

The next thing you will have to do is get a tank and shoot the marked targets to get this done!

Campaign Trail of Destruction
Like Simulation Instruction, this task also requires you to complete certain chores to complete it. This task incurs:

  • Meet Keith on the Ship
  • Race through the System
  • Disrupt the System
  • Clear out the Zin Troops
  • Ascend the Tower

Note: Doing this will unlock Dubstep Gun.

Executive Orders
Your first task to do here is to assassinate a target and then a series of tasks which need completion. These tasks are:

  • Clearing out Zin Troops
  • Breaking the rules of Reality (Another ragroll task)
  • Shut down the Hotspot
  • Car jack the System
  • UFO Mayhem
  • Meet Keith on Ship

Note: Successfully doing this will unlock Unlimited Sprint which is extremely beneficial.

The Simulation Recognizes
You will need to take over a store and catch the Command C.I.D. Next you will have to kill different waves of enemies before injecting the virus initiation. And finally you will have to grab a car and take it to the designated area. The car can blow up with a little damage, so drive it with care!

Supreme Justice
You will have to go into the rift and complete the Speed Rift challenge. We have already covered Speed Rift challenges, you can check them out here!

This task is quite simple! All it requires of you is a simple virus injection and hacking a Friendly Fire store with a little bit of mayhem on the side. Meet Kinzie on the Ship after doing the afore mentioned tasks to get this done.


This requires you to complete a series of tasks which include the following chores:

  • Meet C.I.D. on the Ship
  • Win Zinyak’s favorite game show
  • Do the Virus Injection
  • Clear the Flashpoint
  • Race through the System

Note: This will unlock the Telekinesis Element – Life Steal.

Obey (Again)
This is the continuation of the Obey and requires the players to do the following tasks:

  • Clear a Flashpoint
  • Initiate the Virus Injection
  • Disrupt the System

Note: Doing this successfully will allow you to have the C.I.D. suit from your Gateway wardrobe.

Obey(One More Time)
Once again, this requires you to explore the rift and play some Telekinesis Rift. You can check out our guide on how to complete all these Rift Challenges.

The next thing you are supposed to do is to clear out some Zin Troops which is as easy as it can be!

And finally win the Zinyak’s favorite game show which is just like every other game out there. All you need to do is travel between the locations quickly in order to get Gold which might seem like a hassle at some point but you will eventually get it.

Note: This challenge will unlock TK: Lightening.

This requires you to hack Friendly Fire in Bridgeport, a Rim Jobs shop in Aparice, Rusty’s Needle in New Baranec, and a Let’s Pretend in New Baranec. To get this done, check out our complete video guide of all these puzzles.


All of the Kinzie’s side-quests are basically store hacking related tasks. We have compiled a video walkthrough for hacking all the stores in Steelport. Check it out here to successfully complete these tasks.

Matt Miller

The Pledge
You’re just required to meet Matt Miller to complete this. It’s nothing but a bit of super sprinting or driving a car around the city.

The Warden Stomp
This is the continuation of Matt Miller’s ‘The Pledge’ which requires you complete an other run of errands like clearing a Flashpoint, hacking a store, and delivering a car to Matt Miller.

Note: Doing this will unlock the Collectibles Map which will show the locations of all collectables on your mini-map.

The Turn
To do this, you will have to explore The Rift and jump from platform to platform to gain the maximum points and eventually Gold. After that, you will need to clear some Zin Troops and meet Matt Miller on ship to complete this.

Note: You will get Matt Miller’s outfit for doing this successfully.

The Prestige
Kill all the aliens in the Hotspot. But do that quickly since the heat rises up too quickly in this task. After that initiate the virus injection and hack the Rim Job shop. Check out our guide on how to do this here!

Loyalty Nytefall
Your next task is to complete this loyalty mission. Check out our Loyalty Missions Guide to learn how to do this successfully.

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