Saints Row 4 Secret Weapon Unlock ‘Developing Team Easter Egg’ Guide

Where to find the developing team easter egg in Saints Row 4 to unlock secret weapon of the game.

This Easter egg in Saint’s Row 4 will let you see all the developing team of the game in a special room along with a very powerful alien game that seems to crush anything in its path.

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We do know that it was previously hinted by Volition that a Easter egg is hidden somewhere in Steelport that players would be able to find. So, it was only a matter of time until it got discovered. Read on this simple guide to know where you can find the developer’s room and the secret & powerful weapon.

First, you need to go a Let’s Pretend store in New Baranec. I assume that every Let’s Pretend store would work, but I haven’t given it a try yet. Anyway, go inside the store and make your way to the very back to find a door with a sign reading, Employees Only.

Shoot down the lock of the door by pistols or any other weapon of your choice and go inside. Keep on following the path wherever it takes you, and you will end up in a room displaying portraits of all the developing team of Saints Row 4.

However, this is not the only thing you will get here. Move to your right and you will see a small alien pistol on the couch. Swapping it will NOT replace your regular pistols, but instead it will take the place of your RPG, which does make sense as this small gun is powerful as anything.


You may also want to try shooting the heads of the people who worked on the game to fancy a magnificent sight of fireworks popping out from their heads. Now that you have got the tiny pistol, it is time to go out and test it on some alien foes.

There you have it! The shortest way to find this amazing piece of equipment in Saint’s Row 4 Easter egg

Try it yourself and let us know if it worked for you. Furthermore, don’t forget to tell us whether every Let’s Pretend store works with this or only the one that we mentioned!

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