Saints Row 4 PAX Gameplay Demo – Meet the New Crazy President

Just when you thought the series couldn’t possibly get any nuttier, Volition happens. Check out this PAX demo that the devs seem to have released earlier than expected.

The video features the main character from Saints Row: The Third, who is now not only the leader of the Saints, but is also the president of good old ‘murica. Appropriately decked out in patriotic colors, he shows his love for his country by Stone Cold slamming some of the nearby citizens for no apparent reason.

After that we get so see some of the new weapons, including the Inflata-ray and the Dubstep Gun. The Inflata-ray is both hilarious and creepily gruesome at the same time, and the Dubstep Gun is cool if you want an instant rave.

After that we see the president take on some aliens by shooting rockets out of a guitar case and stomp around in a Mech. Just when you think they couldn’t make it any crazier, he turns into a superhero.

A superhero.

Who voted for this guy again?


Saints Row 4 will be available on August 20th in North America and August 23rd in Europe. Anyone who pre-orders the game prior to launch receives the Commander in Chief Edition.

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