Saints Row 4 Loyalty Missions and Romance Guide – How To

Saints Row 4 is a lot better when you discover the romantic aspect of the game. The guide below will help you by displaying the list of available partners and how to unlock them.

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Saints Row 4 Loyalty Missions and Romance

Along with getting romantic, every sidekick in the game will have special loyalty missions, which must be completed in order to gain their trust.

Regardless of your associates’ gender, they will definitely fall into a romantic sequence with you. However, there are a few things which you must do in order to get succeeded at this:

Rescue an associate from simulation and they will appear at your ship with two options available: talk or romance.

I would not advise you to select romance until you have completed all their missions and have gained their trust completely. After completing all the optional missions for a specific character, you can select the romance option.

As of now the known associates available are:

  • Kinzie Kensington
  • Matt Miller
  • Pierce Washington
  • Shaundi
  • CID
  • Asha Odekar
  • Benjamin King
  • Johnny Gat

Completing the side-missions will also unlock achievements/trophies. Following is a breakdown of all the achievements/trophies that can be unlocked:

The Full Kinzie
Completed Kinzie’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.

Paranormal Bromance
Completed Matt’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.

The Face of the Saints
Completed Pierce’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.

The Two Shaundis
Completed Shaundi’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.

Machine Man
Completed CID’s Quests and Romance.

On Her Saint’s Secret Service
Completed Asha’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.

Benjamin King
Completed Ben’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.

Bouncin’ with an Old Friend
Completed Gat’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.

Asha Odekar

To begin Asha’s loyalty missions, you must free her first in the story and then go Quest’s menu to get started.

Make your way to the North-East part of the Steelport to meet Asha. Keep on following VIP Tammy Tolliver and take out all the threats. There won’t be any super powers at your disposal so better use your melee take downs.

After completing the first part, head to the Steelport – Salander and climb the fire escape to make your way to the roof to get McManus 2020. Keep watch and take down any snipers who appear on the roof tops.

Your target finder will help you a lot here.

Make your way to the center of Steelport – Ashwood. Get cover behind the armored truck and take down all the waves of enemies that come your way. Your extraction team will be on its way, but you will have to take down a helicopter with your heavy gun to get to safety.

Go to the North-West part of Ashwood with VIP and Asha to bring down Professor Genki and his army, which is your final task. Your best bet here is to melee him when he gets near you and shoot when he tries to keep his distance.

After dropping his 50% health, he will transform into Super Genki, but you will also get your super powers back. The best way to defeat him is to freeze him to break his shield and then melee him. Keep on repeating this process, and he won’t be able to move even.

Ben King

Free him in the story mode to get his loyalty missions from the Quest menu.

Go to the Western part of the Steelport- Salander to meet with Ben King. Make your way to the alley and bring down the Vice Kings in the area. Then take down the virus carrier and absorb the virus as she is down.

Head to the Burns Hill and take down the second group of Vice Kings. You will have to defeat the virus carrier once again to absorb the virus.

Take down the enemies in the Western part of Steelport- Burns Hill and kill the virus carrier to absorb it.

Head over to Technically Legal and sign-up for the strip club to perform some dance moves by pressing the buttons prompted on your screen and then make your way to the rooftop.

Use your super sprint to chase Tanya and keep on damaging her until she is left with 50% health. She will make a run for her life, but you will have to chase her again. Use buffs/freezes to take her down quickly and when she is left with only 25%, press triangle to bring her down to get the full loyalty of Ben King.

Johnny Gat

Free Johnny in the main storyline mission to play his loyalty mission “Loyalty – SR3 Wrap-Up” from the quests menu.

Meet Johnny at The Broken Shillelagah to begin Genkibowl.

During the first round, you will have to score 1406 within 02:45 minutes. Take as many headshots as you can along with taking out snipers and throwing people in the green circle. After reaching your goal, run for the exit.

In the second round, you will have to score 1800 within 3 minutes.

Use Telekinesis to throw mascots into the water and look out for muderbots. Keep on freezing people and using Telekinesis to reach the desired goal and then run for the exit.

In the last round, you will have to score 1450 within 03:15 minutes. Make sure to keep an eye out on the woman with Telekinesis and freeze her whenever she is about to throw the yarn ball towards yourself.

At the end of the round, you will have to fight Phillpe Loren. Johnny Gat will help you a lot while fighting Loren. Freeze him to get Gat ready and make sure to charge yourself with R2 while firing. Successfully doing this will grant you Johnny Gat’s loyalty.


Complete the main storyline mission, “Hello Teacup” to unlock Kinzie’s loyalty mission. Select it from the Quest menu to get started.

Meet Kinzie at The Broken Shillelagah and follow the way point to the Armory Island. You will have to steal a tank and take out stag equipment. Make sure to keep an eye out on portals, round murderbots, and jets.

After destroying all of these things, Cyrus will appear at the scene. You can try to take him down with the tank, but if it doesn’t work, a perfectly timed and positioned RPG will do.

You should only worry about Cyrus’s super jump and Telekinesis. Freeze him and use your Dubstep Gun to drop his health to 75%. Freeze his reinforcements and use super sprint to destroy them all.

When Cyrus re-appears, use the same technique to drop his health to 50%. Use Telekinesis to throw the armory vehicles at the reinforcements. Cyrus will re-appear once again, drop down his health to 25% by any means and leave the rest to Kinzie to commence the mission and get Kinzie as your Super Homie.


Free Shaundi in the main story mission to get her loyalty mission from the Quest menu. Head over to the Bridgeport to meet the twin Shaundi.

Go to the Eastern part of the area and kill the guards roaming the area. Use your stomping ability to destroy the vehicles and all the enemies in the area and then make your way to the alley to take down the dealer and retrieve the (fake) package.

After retrieving the package, go to the Port Pyror and take down all the guards in the area. Use the same strategy which you used before to clear the area. After that follow the twin Shaundi(s) to the northwest of Sunset Park and find DJVC there.

You will have to fight your way in. Take down all the mascots and fake DJVCs by stomping or freezing and then kill the real DJVC to complete the mission.


Like everyone else, free Pierce in the story mode to unlock his loyalty mission, which can be accessed from Quest’s menu.

Make your way to New Baranec to merely up with Pierce. Drive to the Salander and destroy all the tanks there in any way you want. Either by RPGs or by Telekinesis.

Get over to Burns Hill and find the Nuclear Material located on the backside of the building. There will be some crates there but no use looking into them as they are empty. Follow Maero, which is your target by using the Super Sprint.

You will see him driving a truck. Take out your Dupstep Gun to kill him from the distance to get Pierce as your Super Homie.

Matt Miller

Free Matt Miller in the main storyline mission to get his loyalty mission from Quest’s menu.

Meet Miller at the Three-Count Casino and he will let you know that doing this mission will get your powers from you. You will be required to kill the hordes of zombies.

The easiest way of do this is to take out the weapon of your choice and head shot them, or go near them to melee them. Since you are deprived of your powers, you need to plan your strategy accordingly. After clearing out the horde of zombies, go out and get in NyteBlade car and get to New Baranec.

Take out the enemies along the way. The best way to do this is to use the guns in NyteBlade by pressing RB/R1 and go to kill the Zin-NyteBlade. You should be aware of his Super Jump, Telekinesis, and guns.

Just as he lands, charge on him with your Dubstep Gun and use Shokolov when he backs up. Successfully killing him will commence the mission and you’ll get Miller as your Super Homie.

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