Saints Row 4 Fight Club Challenge Guide – How To Get Gold

How to get gold medal in Saints Row 4 Fight Club Challenges.

I’m going to refrain from making the obvious movie reference and just get to the point here.

Fight Club in Saint’s Row 4 is just like the other diversionary challenges found in the fictional city of Steelport such as Professor Genki’s Mind over Murder and the Rift challenges.

In fight club you battle it out against a few waves of baddies, no holds barred, except that you can’t use any kind of weapons. So I suppose that’s plenty of holds barred. Either way, feel free to abuse your superpowers to smash your opponents face first into the pavement. Each series of battles will end with the last wave including a boss.

Your score in Fight Club is determined by how much time you have left on the clock when the Boss goes down. This can help you shave a few seconds on the clock if you defeat the boss before the henchmen in the last wave.

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Fight Club #1 – Salander
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 0:00 left on the clock
  • Silver – 2:00 left on the clock
  • Gold – 4:00 left on the clock

The first wave includes 7 Vice Kings. They don’t present much of a challenge and can easily be dispatched through normal melee attacks and telekinesis throws.

In the second wave, you’ll face four flaming enemies with heavy pistols that are capable of some telekinesis. Use your freezing attacks and smash them to bits. Otherwise don’t go near them when they are aflame.

In the third and final wave you’ll face the boss; Nyte Blayde and one other mook.

You’re going to want to focus Blayde himself as his companion is really of no threat to you. Use blast or telekinesis to lure him into battle. Use your blast and stomp attacks to interrupt his attacks and watch out if he starts using sword attacks.

Your best bet is to freeze him first so he cannot retaliate, then wail on him for the duration of the disable.

Fight Club #2 – Loren Square
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 0:00 left on the clock
  • Silver – 2:00 left on the clock
  • Gold – 4:00 left on the clock

In the first wave, you’ll be going up against five foes with fast-firing weapons.

They’re spread out, and will use this to their advantage since you’ll have to kill them one by one. The best thing to do is to sprint from one to the other as quickly as possible and taking them down in a blitz of punches and slams.

The second wave works in a bit of a ‘king of the hill’ fashion. Get to the marked area, and beat up anyone that tries to get close. You’re stomp is especially effective as it’ll knock them right back out of the circle you need to control and allow you to fill up the progress bar faster.

Wave three is where things start to get interesting. You’ll face three Genki Girls, and they all have different abilities including stomp, telekinesis and blast. Your lightning attack is effective, as is using TK on one girl and throwing her at the next. Catch the spheres they throw at you and return them to their owners, with interest!

In the fourth wave we meet the boss; Jyunichi, and he is accompanied by six ronin assassins.

Unlike the first boss fight, ignoring the ronin completely is not an option as they can deal significant damage to you. You don’t have to eliminate them, just thin out the herd so you don’t take as many katanas to the back. A neat trick is to mind control some of them so they fight amongst themselves.

As for Jyunichi himself, get up in his face and use your powerful melee attacks along with the freeze from your ice attack to wear him down. Use gravity stomp liberally to make him helpless as he floats in midair.

Fight Club #3 – Espina
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 0:00 left on the clock
  • Silver – 2:00 left on the clock
  • Gold – 4:00 left on the clock

For the first wave you’ll go against four snipers with laser targeted rifles.

If you jump up to get them where they are they’ll likely jump even higher, but what options do you have? You can use Telekinesis to toss them around, or you can catch up and freeze them to keep them from escaping.

Either way, you need to get right up in their faces and punch them in.

The second wave might seem completely batty, 18 ronin?! However, take a look at your surroundings, there are plenty of explosive barrels just asking to be tossed about carelessly. Use this environmental advantage to thin out the samurai horde, then clean up the remnants afterwards.

The third battle is another King of the Hill fight, this time versus two Genki girls. This one is surprisingly uncomplicated, just stand in the middle of the targeted area and deflect the spheres the girls throw at you using telekinesis.

For the last wave you’ll be facing Julius Little and three unimportant mooks.

This time you can disregard the small fries and focus on murdering Julius. His stomp attack keeps you away from him, so try to freeze him up so you can rearrange his facial features without him doing that pesky ‘fighting back’ business.

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