Saints Row 4 Easter Eggs and References Guide

Read about all the pop culture references and easter eggs in Volition's Saints Row 4.

Saints Row 4
In Saints Row 4, there are many in-game references, jokes and Easter eggs that can be found throughout the game. Although we have tried to compile a comprehensive list of all of these references – we could have missed some of them as there are so many of them.

Rest assured that this work is in progress and we will keep on adding them as we would find them.

Hidden in Let’s Pretend store secret room is a very powerful alien pistol along with the game’s developing team’s Easter egg. To learn more about this Easter egg and where to find it, read here!

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Saints Row 4 Easter Eggs and References

Below is a list of all the references found in Saint’s Row 4. And as I have mentioned above that this work is still in progress and we’ll keep on updating this guide.

If you notice closely, you will know that the very first line of the dialogue is from Pride & Prejudice.


  • Some of the Zin Empire’s soldiers look a lot like alien hunter from Predator.
  • The quote, “I don’t wanna miss a thing” from the movie, Armageddon.
  • They have changed the Air Force One’s quote, “Get off my plane.” to “Get off my lawn.”
  • There are some costumes that look a lot like Jedi Knight, Bobba Fett, and Han Solo. Even some guns have Star Wars make-overs.
  • While your time in Giant Simulation, there will come a reference to the Truman Show.
  • Matt Miller rescue is called as “Zero Cool” which is a reference to the movie Hackers.

Video Games

  • I don’t know about you but I find the space invasion in White House so closely related to the classical video game – Space Invaders.
  • If you have played this game then you couldn’t have missed this – Minecraft is everywhere in this game!
  • While rescuing Matt Miller, a theme closely related to Metroid will begin. And later in the same mission, you will be given a choice that will end up very badly which is a direct reference to Mass Effect 3 ending.


  • The walk and talk scene in the White House closely resemble the scene from the White House drama the West Wing.
  • During character creation, you will notice a suit closely related to Star Trek. In addition to that, there is a pair of glasses very similar to visor from the Next Generation’s chief engineer, Geordi Laforge.
  • Rainbow Brite – the famous cartoon hero has its very own costume.
  • You will often hear Breaking Bad’s Walter White’s famous quote, “I’m the one who knocks.”

Taunts & Compliments

  • Boone Goes the Dynamite – Jim Boone at PAX East
  • Daniel-San – Karate Kid
  • Highly Illogical – Star Trek
  • Hoooooooooo – He-Man / Thundercats
  • Woah – Matrix
  • You Chicken? – Arrested Development

That’s pretty much all we have on references in Saints Row 4. Keeping on checking back as we will add more information on this! Meanwhile, if you have found some of these references yourself. Do let us know in the Comment Section below!

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