Saints Row 4 Cheats Codes To Unlock Weapons, Vehicles, Upgrades and Gameplay

You know, I don’t really like to cheat in games – it just doesn’t suit my hardcore, competitive style. But when the industry occasionally tosses something as crazy as Saints Row in the mix of all the why-so-serious titles, the devil inside you naturally tends to become a bit less docile.

Saints Row 4 is no exception, and its notoriously crazy-fun gameplay and setup seems like the perfectly right setting for some cheats. After all, we’re in a simulation, and the best way out is to mess around with it.

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How To Activate Cheats Mode
To activate the cheat mode in Saints Row 4, you’ll need to pause the game, select Extras, and then Cheats. Select Add Cheat to enter a certain code to activate a certain cheat function. If the correct code is entered, you’ll hear a short tune.

But Wait! Achievements and Autosaves are Gone
Yeah, that happens. Achievements and autosave will be disabled when cheats are activated, because these flag your saves. But there’s a way around it; someone somewhere a guy named something was born, and he got known by a typically styled internet nick “IdolNinja”.

This fellow created a mod for Saints Row 4 that not only adds 68 new cheats, but also fixes the no-autosave issue, meaning you can autosave while you are cheating your way through the game.

You can learn more about the mod and download it here.

DLC Cheats
Yes, there are some cheats that are exclusively for the DLC. You can get the DLC for Saints Row here.

Now, enough with the gibberish. Onto the cheats!

Saints Row 4 Cheats

Note. Some of the cheats can only be used if you have the cheats mod installed. You can download the cheats mod through the link given above. Cheats that can only be enabled by the mod above have (MOD) in front of them.

Give Me Cheats!

Give Oppressor – giveoppressor (MOD)
Give Oppressor Police variant – giveoppressorpolice (MOD)
Give Oppressor Angel variant – giveoppressorangel (MOD)
Give Tornado Assault variant – givetornadoassault (MOD)
Give Tornado Saints variant – givetornadosaints (MOD)
Give Tornado Police variant – givetornadopolice (MOD)
Give Tornado NG variant – givetornadong (MOD)
Give Tornado Morningstar variant – givetornadomorningstar (MOD)
Give Vulture – givevulture (MOD)
Give Vulture Morningstar variant – givevulturemorningstar (MOD)
Give Vulture Saints variant – givevulturesaints (MOD)
Give Vulture Spotlight variant – givevulturespotlight (MOD)
Give Eagle – giveeagle (MOD)
Give Eagle SWAT variant – giveeagleswat (MOD)
Give Eagle m16 variant – giveeaglem16 (MOD)
Give Thompson – givethompson (MOD)
Give AB Destroyer – givedestroyer (MOD)
Give Snipes 57 – givesnipes (MOD)
Give Snipes 57 Killbane variant – givekillbanejet (MOD)
Give Woodpecker – givewoodpecker (MOD)
Give Woodpecker Luchadore variant – givewoodpeckerluchadore (MOD)
Give VTOL – givevtol (MOD)
Give VTOL Cyrus variant – givevtolcyrus (MOD)
Give VTOL Saints variant – givevtolsaints (MOD)
Give Pony Cart – givepony (MOD)
Give Recursor Purple – giverecursorpurple (MOD)
Give Recursor Red – giverecursorred (MOD)
Give Recursor Green – giverecursorgreen (MOD)
Give Turret – giveturret (MOD)
Give Turret HS – giveturreths (MOD)
Give HUGE White House USA turret  – giveturretwh (MOD)
Give Verminator – giveverminator (MOD)
Give Key – givekey (MOD)
Give Crib Ship – givecribship (MOD)
Give Crusader – givecrusader (MOD)
Give Crusader Saints variant – givecrusadersaints (MOD)
Give Cruasder Cyrus variant – givecrusadercyrus (MOD)
Give Attrazione – giveattrazione (MOD)
Give Lightning – givelightning (MOD)
Give Stiletto – givestiletto (MOD)
Give Relic – giverelic (MOD)
Give Gunslinger – givegunslinger (MOD)
Give Gunslinger Police variant – givegunslingerpolice (MOD)
Give Hollywood – givehollywood (MOD)
Give Atlasbreaker – giveatlasbreaker (MOD)
Give Atlasbreaker Maero variant – giveatlasbreakermaero (MOD)
Give Bootlegger XL – givebootleggerxl (MOD)
Give Betsy XL – givebetsyxl (MOD)
Give Nyteblade (car) – givenyteblade (MOD)
Give Bloody Cannoness (bike) – givebloodycannoness (MOD)
Give Kenshin Ronin variant – givekenshinronin (MOD)
Give Eiswolf VK variant – giveeiswolfvk (MOD)
Give Eiswolf viceking variant – giveeiswolfviceking (MOD)
Give Compensator BH (Brotherhood) variant – givecompensatorbh (MOD)
Give Swindle BH (Brotherhood) variant – giveswindlebh (MOD)
Give Criminal Morningstar variant – givecriminalmorningstar (MOD)
Give Justice Morningstar variant – givejusticemorningstar (MOD)
Give Infuego Morningstar variant – giveinfuegomorningstar (MOD)
Give Criminal Decker variant – givecriminaldecker (MOD)
Give Solar Decker variant – givesolardecker (MOD)
Give alien hover vehicle – givehovercar
Give alient hover tank – givehovertank
Give alien ufo – giveufo
Give Alien jet bike – givetrouble
Give Monster Truck – givemonster

Crazy Stuff

Low Gravity – gravitykills (MOD)
Giant Player – imhuge (MOD)
Tiny Player – ittybitty (MOD)
Player Pratfalls – ragdoll (MOD)
Super Saints – supersaints (MOD)
Super Explosions – bigbadaboom (MOD)
Drunk Peds – dui (MOD)
Slow Motion – slowmo
ASCII Mode – ascii
Mascot Peds – mascot
Pimps and Hos Peds – hohoho
Insane City – insanecity
Disable Glitch FX – noglitchcity
Big Head Mode – bigheadmode
Fast Forward – fastforward


Unlock Super Sprint – runfast
Unlock Telekinesis – supertk
Unlock Stomp – superstomp
Unlock Blast – superblast
Unlock Buff – superbuff
Unlock Death From Above – superdfa
Elevator to Heaven – fryhole

Vehicles and More!

Player Vehicle Smash (any player car will crush other cars like a tank) – isquishyou
Repair current vehicle – repaircar
Evil Cars – evilcars
Invincible Player Vehicle – vroom

Upgrades and More!
Give $100,000 – cheese
Clear Notoriety – goodygoody
Give all weapons – letsrock
Unlock all unlockables – unlockitall
Instant Warden Notoriety – instantwarden
Give all Super Upgrades – dlc_sosuper (DLC)
Super Power Strength 100% – dlc_superduper (DLC)
Infinite Mass – dlc_car_mass (DLC)
Never Die – dlc_never_die (DLC)
Unlimited Ammo – dlc_unlimited_ammo (DLC)
Unlimited Clip – dlc_unlimited_clip (DLC)

Other Cheats

Rated M++ (everything gibs) – notrated
Golden Gun (one shot kills) – goldengun
Disable Super Movement – nosupermove
Disable Super Powers – nosuperpowers
Disable Warden spawns – nowardens
Disable Glitch FX – noglitchcity
Hide HUD – hidehud (MOD)

Think we missed any cheats? Let us know about them (their codes, and what they do) by commenting below!

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