Saints Row 4 Challenges ‘Challenge King’ Guide – How To Unlock

In Saints Row 4, there are a total of 66 challenges that you can do. Completing these challenges will not only pop-up “The Challenge King” achievement/trophy but will also unlock many weapons, upgrades, other cool stuff.

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Saints Row 4 Challenges

Complete All Other Challenges – Simple as it can be! Complete all 66 challenges to complete this one.

Blazin’ Gold Medals
I really can’t help you this challenge as there is not trick involved in completing it. In this challenge, you are required to do checkpoint races using your Super Sprint.

Keep on practicing and you will eventually get it. You need to take Gold medals in all nine of these races. Note that passing the checkpoint will stop the timer for short duration.

Genki’s M.O.M Gold Medals
One of the most difficult challenges in my opinion! Genki’s M.O.M will notice you using your telekinesis to throw people. Memorize the whole layout of the rings and then plan your strategy accordingly.

Going in without any plan will get you a silver at most! I would also advise you NOT to give up on this! It can take a few times but you will eventually get it.

Insurance Fraud Gold Medals
My personal favorite! In this challenge, you intentionally get hit by a vehicle and build up a fraud claim on the drivers. At first, it may seem impossible for you to gather a million dollar.

But worry not!

As there are a few tricks that you can use to do this. Use your Super Sprint to run directly into a car and then hold R1/RB before it hits you. Keep on holding R1/RB to cover as much distance as you possibly could and try to smash into incoming vehicles to get the maximum combo.

On-Foot Mayhem Gold Medals
In these challenges, you are required to cause destruction while on-foot. Each challenge will let you have some specific weapons and powers. Few will be quite easy and others will be much hard.

The easiest way to do these missions is to maintain a good combo with destruction and you will get your desired medal in no time.

Super-Powered Fight Club Gold Medals
These challenges will put you against other enemies with super powers in waves.

You will be required to defeat all those enemies within a specific time frame in order to complete the challenge. Another important thing to note here is that you will only be allowed to use your super powers.

One of the most amazing super power attack to use in this challenge is the melee attack. Move towards your enemies and then use your R1/RB to smash them with the melee attack.

Doing this in time will get you the Gold medal. It might get near the end when the bosses begin to appear. No harm in giving Telekinesis a try!

Vehicular Mayhem Gold Medals
In these challenges, you will riding in a vehicle and will be asked to cause destruction. Enthusiasts should be familiar with this one! One of the easiest challenges in the game.

Just make sure you shoot the targets marked red in order to get the most points.

Platforming Rift Gold Medals
These challenges also require a lot of practice before you start doing them and require you to jump from building to building. I would advise you to remain in the center while jumping so that you don’t fall off and get the maximum time bonus.

Doing this successfully in time will get you your desired medal.

Speed Rift Gold Medals
In this challenge, use as much boost as you can to get the Gold medal. Use boost and run into barriers will get you score boost. Besides, you will not be able to earn Gold without doing so.

This may also take a lot of tries to complete but you will eventually get it.

TK Rift Gold Medals
This challenge requires you to use your Telekinesis to throw the specific colored balls onto their respective targets. Keeping an eye out on speed is very important here as it is the only thing that can get you a Gold medal.

Throw the balls at the target and do large combos to get the maximum points. And when the targets starts throwing the balls at you, strike them back to hit them instead of wasting the balls provided to you. This will save a lot of time which is very crucial in this challenge.

10 Aliens Super-Kicked
In case, you are not familiar with the controls of the game; you need to press L3 to execute the super-kick move. Do this on 10 aliens to complete this challenge.

100 Death From Above Kills
Keep on playing the game and you will get this ability at some point. Press L1/LB to aim and then press R1/RB to charge on the ground with a powerful punch. The kills that get counted in this challenge are of those aliens who are within you shock-wave radius.

Make sure to go to a good height before attacking so that you deal a decent damage but not too high to disturb your aim. Do this on 100 aliens to complete this challenge.

25 Miles Super Sprinted
All you need to do is to use Super Sprint to travel everywhere during the game and you will get this by the time you finish the game.

10 Superpowered Beatdowns
To do the Superpowered Beatdown, you will have to Super Sprint near an enemy and then press R1/RB to execute a melee attack which would kill the enemy. Do this successfully 10 times to complete this challenge.

1800 Seconds of Super Jump Air Time
In real, you will have to spend around 10 minutes jumping in the air to complete this challenge. Or you can spend a lot of your time jumping while playing the game to complete this challenge.

30 Telekinetic Catches
To complete this challenge, you will have to fight a Warden. Warden can be summoned by reaching the maximum level of notoriety which can be done by killing a lot of aliens.

When a Warden throws something at you, use your TK to catch it. Do this successfully 30 times to get the Gold medal.

Throw 100 Enemies With Telekinesis
Simple as it can be! Just use your Telekinesis to pick up enemies and throw them off 100 times to get this done. Note that, you don’t have to kill them. Only throwing them would suffice!

30 Telekinesis Kills
Use your TK while in an engagement to kill your enemies 30 times to get this done. You must kill your enemies to get the desired medal.

10 Vehicles Super-Kicked
Press L3 to execute the super-kick attack and do this on 10 vehicles to complete the challenge.

10 Arc Lightning Hits
Buff and TK, both of these abilities have this upgrade. Use it in combat 10 times to complete the challenge.

10 Enemies Mind Controlled
The Blast Power has an upgrade with which you would be able to control the minds of your enemies. Use this ability on 10 enemies to get this challenge done.

10 Fire Element Ignitions
Blast and Buff abilities have the ability to ignite the enemies. Use these on 10 enemies while in combat to complete the challenge.

100 Freeze Shatters
All you need to do is to freeze an enemy and then shatter kill him. You can do the shatter kill either by melee/shooting them or by running directly into them using Super Sprint. However, the easier way is to use the melee attacks.

10 Gravity Float Kills
This is an upgrade for the Stomp Attack. Use this ability on 10 enemies to kill the floating enemies to complete the challenge.

75 Ground Stomp Stuns
You don’t have to kill any enemies to complete this challenge. All you need to do is to use the Stomp Attack while in a combat to stun any enemy within the radius of your stomp to complete this challenge.

10 Enemies Health Stolen
The TK ability has the upgrade which can steal health from your enemies. You are required to use this ability 10 times to successfully complete this challenge.

10 Shrunken Enemies Squished
The Stomp Power at your disposal has a Shrink ability that you would be able to unlock. Use this ability 10 times on enemies to complete this challenge. You can always kill someone to get the aliens to try this!

250 Bounce Rifle Kills
Again, simple as it can be! You just have to get 20 kills from Bounce Rifle to complete this.

250 Dubstep Gun Kills
Get 250 kills with the Dubstep Gun to successfully complete this challenge.

150 Targets Abducted
Use your Abducto-matic to call in the beam of light that takes your enemies away several times in the game. Take away 150 enemies to complete this challenge.

250 Targets Blackholed
Use your Black Hole Launcher to create holes in the space-time continuum that will suck in your enemies and then kill them. Doing this with 250 enemies will complete this challenge.

100 Enemies Disintegrated
Do I really need to tell you what to do to complete this? Well, use to Dis-integrator to dis-integrate 100 enemies and you will get the challenge completion.

50 Inflato-Ray Kills
Use this weapon to inflate 50 enemies. Although this weapon does kill your enemies, it is not necessary. All you need to do is to inflate 50 enemies and you will complete this challenge.

250 Mech Suit Kills
This challenge can be done while playing the main storyline but after you beat the game once, you will get accessed to this suit. Use this to kill 250 enemies.

30 Tentacle Bat Beatdowns
Use your Tentacle Bat to take down 30 enemies to complete this challenge.

Destroy 100 Alien Vehicles
Pretty easy to do! But one thing you must keep in mind is that, this challenge doesn’t include any human cars. You must destroy 100 vehicles that aliens drive including turrets and space ships.

Destroy 100 C.I.D.S
You will have to raise your notoriety to complete this challenge. While in the post-game time, you will come across tons of C.I.D.S that can be destroyed. Do this successfully with 100 of them to complete the challenge. Don’t give up on it if it takes some time to complete.

Destroy 60 Murderbots
There will be plenty to destroy while playing the main storyline of the game especially during playing loyalty missions. If you still didn’t get enough of these, then raise your notoriety to the highest level and you will get plenty of these to kill.

Destroy 30 Portals
Portals are the large orange balls from which the aliens spawn. These large balls are called portals and these can be destroyed quite easily. All you need to have is a powerful shotgun which will hardly take 3-4 shots to destroy these. And as for finding them, there will be plenty during the main storyline missions.

Kill 1000 Aliens
This challenge can be completed way before finishing the game. Pretty straight forward!

Kill 30 Wardens
Until the very end of the game you will NOT get this much Warden to fight. You would have to raise your notoriety to a maximum level so that one spawns in the battlefield. An easy way to raise your notoriety is to kill a shopkeeper and then the aliens that will spawn at that position.

20 Minutes of Alien High Notoriety Time
To complete this challenge, you should remain in the high alien notoriety for about 20 minutes which is almost 12 in-game minutes. An easy challenge to complete if you know what you are doing!

50 Aliens Taunted
In order to taunt someone, press and hold down the left directional button. However, to complete this challenge, you should be standing very near to your enemy. You will be prompted on your screen that you have successfully taunted your enemy, so you will know.

39 Audio Logs Collected
Completing a side mission for Matt Miller will unlock an upgrade with which you would be able to see all the collectables on your map. In order to get the audio logs, you will have to rescue each character in the game first.

If you don’t see audio logs on your map even after upgrading the world map for collectables, then you must have done something wrong.

2,500,000 Feet Traveled in Alien Vehicle
One of the most annoying challenges in the game. I mean, this is a very large distance to cover. In order to complete it, you could hardly use any other vehicle travel except the alien vehicles.

Personally, I had to travel hours and hours in an alien ship to get this done.

4 Miles Traveled in Mech Suit
This challenge can’t be missed because by the end of the game, you will automatically get this. Besides, you can get access to this suit after beating the game once.

8 Text Adventures Collected
Text Adventure upgrades are collectables that are scattered throughout the world of Saints Row 4. You need to collect them all to get this challenge done. You can check our other guide for all the locations of these adventure fragments.

120 Minutes Spent With Homies
While playing the game, you can always call your friends over to spend some quality time with them. Do this for solid 120 in-game minutes to complete this challenge.

36 Zinyak Statues Destroyed
Zinyak Statues are scattered throughout the map which can be easily destroyed with any weapon or your special powers. Doing a side-quest for Matt Miller will show all these statues on your world map.

Do this successfully to complete this challenge.

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