Ryse: Son of Rome Vistas Locations Guide – Photo Album and Roman Tourist

Vistas are hidden collectible in Ryse: Son of Rome that can be found scattered through each level in single-player campaign. These collectibles are NOT tied to single-player campaign in any way and are just meant to be found.

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Ryse: Son of Rome Vistas Locations

Collecting all Vistas will unlock the following achievements:
Roman Tourist – 10G
Photo Album – 15G

The Beginning

Vista #1
Location. After you take out the Barbarians, you will be required to enter the palace using the stairs. While you are on the stairs, look to your left and you will get the first Vista.

Vista #2
Location. After you enter the big Emperor Room, there will be stairs both towards your right and left. Head towards the area to your right and it will be lying near a pillar at the very end of the path.


Vista #3
Location. You will enter a small courtyard after talking to a woman. Located in this courtyard will be a white long bench with the next Vista sitting along it.

Vista #4
Location. After running across with your father for the first time and his battalion, simply follow him to an alley. Stick to your left and you will find it against the wall.

Vista #5
Location. This one is pretty similar to the previous one. After you take out the Barbarians in the market, you will meet your father once again and he will again escort you to a dark alley with the collectible against the left wall.

Trial by Fire

Vista #6
Location. You will be required to jump on to the quarter of the first broken ship. After doing that, head towards the banister of the ship to get the Vista.

Vista #7
Location. In order to take out the archers and destroy it, climb up the first tower and more Barbarians will swoop in from the windows. Take everyone out and you will find it in this area.

Vista #8
Location. After the formation, you will climb up two platforms. Just before getting off the platform to take out the archers, look to your left to find the next Vista.

Vista #9
Location. During the sequence when you will be forced to use Scorpio to take out the archers. Head towards your left and go up the stairs to find the next Vista to your left.

The King

Vista #10
Location. You will come across a large bowlder near the small river with the Vista leaned against it.

Vista #11
Location. After coming out of the cave to re-unite with your soldiers at the gate, you will see a lit torch near your men. There will be a Vista right next to the torch.

Edge of the World

Vista #12
Location. After being fallen off the cliff and taking out the large Minotaur, look to your left and collect the Vista.

Vista #13
Location. You will see this Vista even in the cut-scene. Anyway, after you form formations with your soldiers and head forward, the Vista will be in your path.

Pax Romana

Vista #14
Location. After the fight on top of the castle, you will come to the ground. Get down the alleyway and the Vista will be right next to some barrels on fire.

Vista #15
Location. After creating the formations with your soldiers to take out the archers, look to your right just as you get off the ramp to spot the collectible.

The Wrath of the Nemesis

Vista #16
Location. After dropping down on the bodies, you will be required to move straight in a small path with the next Vista on it.

Vista #17
Location. Once the floor in Colosseum begins to go down, look around the room for another Vista.

Vista #18
Location. This is pretty hard to miss! Once you drop down before getting into the Arena, the Vista will be on the ground.

Vista #19
Location. Once you are in the Arena, do not jump off the ship after coming down off a large staircase and head left to go up off a small stairway to a platform with the Vista.

Son of Rome

Vista #20
Location. Before re-uniting with your troops, go over the staircase on your left and once you reach the top, head to your left and hop over a broken pillar. Climb the ladder and collect the Vista.

Vista #21
Location. One of your soldiers will open a gate for you and you will be required to follow him. Go through the gate and turn left to collect the last Vista of the game.

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