Ryse: Son of Rome PC Vs Xbox One Comparison Video Shows Difference of Graphics

Ryse Son of Rome
The PC version of Ryse: Son of Rome will officially be released tomorrow, October 10th. The game was previously a launch title for the Xbox One last year and has been exclusive to that console up until now.

Ryse was mostly known for its awesome graphics thanks to its utilization of the CryEngine 4 graphics engine (upcoming RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance will also use CryEngine 4).

It’s not surprising to see a side-by-side graphical comparison video showing the upcoming PC version next to the Xbox One version of the game was also released today.

As is usually the case with these kinds of comparison videos, however, the two different versions look pretty much identical.

The environments, such as trees and details of stone walls and roads might look a little cleaner on PC if you really try to spot differences between the two but any slight improvements probably won’t be noticeable by gamers playing either version normally.

Ryse: Son of Rome actually got some pretty bad review scores from critics when it was released last year for Xbox One.

The action-adventure game holds a disappointingly low 60/100 aggregate review score on Metacritic. Reviewers criticized the game for being too short and too simple but praised its graphics and its combat.

Many fans seemed to enjoy the game regardless. The user scores section of the Xbox One version currently has 230 positive user reviews compared to only 69 negative ones.

Thanks: PCGames.de

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