Russian Band’s New Song “Silent Hills” Features Possible Connections to Death Stranding and P.T

One of the most talked about theories over the internet is that Death Stranding is somehow connected to Silent Hills. In fact, it may very well be Silent Hills in disguise. Hideo Kojima is known to use misdirection while marketing his games and there have been a lot of suggestive evidence that points to the possibility that Death Stranding is Silent Hills.

More fuel to the fire came recently when a Russian band t.A.T.u released a song titled “Silent Hills.” It may be just a coincidence that it matches one of the most popular horror games around. However, then it is not just in the name. The lyrics, as well as the video for the song, has possible connections with Silent Hills.

YouTuber Python Selken released an analysis video to shed some light on these possible connections. And I have to say, judging by what he has to say it seems there is something going on behind the scene.

If Silent Hills is alive and kicking than Sony has surely bought the IP from Konami after the departure of Hideo Kojima. One aspect of the theory suggests that Konami and Hideo Kojima’s feud was part of the hoax but no company would risk putting its reputation and sales of other IPs at risk just to market a game with an elaborate hoax like this.

PlayStation Experience is set to hit in December. Death Stranding in expected to be there and hopefully, once we know more about the game everything is going to be sorted out. One can argue that a song titled “Silent Hills” coming so soon to PSX indicates that Hideo Kojima may finally reveal the truth at the event

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