RUSE Multiplayer Online Tunngle Guide

You can use Tunngle to Play R.U.S.E online with your friends. Follow the guide below and you will be playing RUSE multiplayer online with your friends in no time.

What You Need

  • You must have a clean install on your drive
  • Do not crack the game

Step 1
Download R.U.S.E LAN Fix. It’s the same fix that we used for Worms Reloaded.

Step 2
Now copy all the extracted content from the R.U.S.E LAN Fix to the game’s directory.

Step 3
Copy Smart Steam files to Steam directory as in

C:\program files\steam\

Step 4
Start “smartsteam.exe” and make sure this file is in the same directory as “Steam.exe”.

Step 5
Start the game and again and make a new account.

Step 6
Login to your newly created account.

Step 7
Now you will be able to play the game on Tunngle so join a lobby and get started.

Caution: Always launch the “smartsteam.exe” file not the “steam.exe” file. Do not use your original steam account or you may get banned.

If you face any issue let us know, and we will try to help you out.

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