R.U.S.E Troubleshooting Guide – How to Fix Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes Guide

You got to thank steam and trashing their infamous DRM protection.

Seems like it has already worked for them, and R.U.S.E is facing least of technical issues of any games released by Ubisoft recently. In case, you are facing any issue, error, or bug, you can refer to the troubleshooting guide below to find probable fixes.

R.U.S.E Art of Deception Troubleshooting Guide

1# Could not Communicate with Account Server Error
Tried playing the game but it just won’t log into your account ? may be server load or may be your ports and firewall settings are messed up. Here is what you need to do to resolve it:
Find “HOSTS.txt” file under


Open it with notepad, and ‘Delete’ everything below these two lines of text: localhost
::1 localhost

Now save the file, do make a Backup of this file, reboot, and run the game launcher/game executable as an administrator.

2# R.U.S.E Port Forwarding
If after configuring the hosts.txt file, you still get the same error, it means you need to configure your ports and firewall for R.U.S.E. Configure your network to allow Steam and R.U.S.E. access to the following ports, also add exception to your firewall just in case.

UDP 27000 to 27030 inclusive
TCP 27014 to 27050 inclusive
UDP 4379 and 4380
UDP 3478

3# Where to Find R.U.S.E. Game Manual
You will find it here;

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\r.u.s.e\Support\Manual

American, English, Benelux, Canadian, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish are among supported languages.

4# How to Validate Your R.U.S.E. Pre-Load
“The Steam servers are currently too busy to handle your request”, hey this is sad but, you can force validate it by this workaround.
Go to your steamapps folder, delete R.U.S.E app.ncf and R.U.S.E english.inf. Now the installation will start, and you can happily install the game.

5# R.U.S.E Graphic Bugs, Blurry Graphics, Weird Shadows
If you are on ATI user, update your video card drivers to post july update. Generally updating your video card drivers will resolve this issue. Just in case also update your DirectX drivers,will resolve the shadow bug.You can also try setting your graphic drivers setting (nVidia or ATI) to quality to get rid of fuzzy graphics.

6# R.U.S.E Constant Crashes and Recovery
It seems like on old ATI video cards, the game is crashing randomly due to graphic card drivers. The only probable fix right now is downgrade your video card drivers to one, that are supported for your video card.

New drivers by ATI are optimized for 5 series video cards so if you are on old card, better use old drivers.
Game may recover from the crash but it would happen again simply because when your video card becomes unresponsive for 2sec, timeout detection and recovery kicks in.

Either you can revert back to your old drivers, which would be rather simple solution or you can try this workaround.

  • Open your vista registry editor (Run regedit)
  • Go to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers\
  • Highlight it then right click on this key
  • Add DWORD TdrDelay
  • Set value of TdrDelay to the number of seconds you allow your GPU to run with no feedback to the system.

Default value is 2sec, set it to any bearable value.

7# R.U.S.E Game Freezes
R.U.S.E may freeze randomly if you are on Multi GPU graphic cards. The problem may be lack of adequate power available to your GPU’s, or any software issue. Try running the game in single GPU mode, it has worked so far to resolve this issue.

8# R.U.S.E Ping Issues, Lag Fix
Forward these ports:

UDP 27000 to 27030 inclusive
TCP 27014 to 27050 inclusive
UDP 4379 and 4380
UDP 3478

9# R.U.S.E No Sound ?
When you start R.U.S.E, it may be reducing the volume in Windows 7 mixer.So just in case follow the guide below to fix sound issue.
1. Start Game.
2. [ALT] + [TAB] 3. Go to your system try by your clock and locate the icon that looks like a speaker.
4. Now, either right click on speaker and chose “open volume mixer” or left click on it and click “mixer” underneath the volume slider.
5. You should now see R.U.S.E’s volume control, drag it up to the top.

Alternatively, go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sound > Sound > Click on Communications Tab and select “Do Nothing” radio button and it will fix this issue. If nothing works, update your sound card drivers.

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