RuneScape Is Getting A Card Game Spin-off, Coming to PC, Mac and Mobile

Similar to World of Warcraft spin-off Hearthstone, RuneScape is now getting its very own card game spin-off. Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is a digital collectable card game, set to release in 2015 for Mac, iOS and PC.

Played out within the pages of a living book the game focuses on quest building, allowing players to craft their own miniature RPGs against enemies, including classic RuneScape boss monsters, before entering into tense PvP combat.

The card based game will combine battles and quests against famous bosses. Fans who were present at the Runfest 2014 got an exclusive look at the game.

During the event, lead designer James Sweatman stated that they have been working on the game since early 2014 and are aiming to give an exceptional experience which complements the original game.

We’ve been quietly developing Chronicle: RuneScape Legends since the start of the year to ensure that it’s not only a fun and compelling player experience, but one still very much interwoven into the rich lore of RuneScape.

Games like Hearthstone and now Chronicle: RuneScape Legends are a nice way to mix things up. More news regarding this title is expected soon so check back for more later.

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