Can You Be Gay in Rune Factory 5?

The Rune Factory series in general, and Rune factory 5, have seen remarkable success in the east. With the upcoming release of Rune Factory 5 in the West, there are some new features that the publisher Xseed Games has announced for the western release.

One of the new features added to the game for release in the west is the option to marry all the 12 NPCs in Rune Factory 5. This means that same-sex marriage is now an option in the game and will be introduced to the game with its western release for the first time in the series.

The request to add the option to marry same-sex NPC was made after the success of Friends of Mineral Town remake in 2020, and thankfully, the studio approved this, and the dev team was able to integrate the request for queer couples in the game.

This change required changing several of Rune Factory 5’s settings with some tweaks here and there, such as changing some mechanics for the possible partners and even changing the gender pronouns in the game. Along with this, several new cutscenes and dialogues will be added to the game so that players can experience the new same-sex marriage feature in every possible way.

The game’s director Shiro Maekawa said in an interview:

“In a certain sense (i.e., swapping the outward appearance of the protagonist), same-sex marriage was possible in Rune Factory 4, but not truly implemented. At the time, this choice was meant to give players the freedom to play the game as they wished. But Rune Factory 5 marks its official inclusion, and lets us welcome more fans to the series.”

After the announcement at 2021’s E3, Japanese fans were worried that certain aspects of the game may be spoiled for them with the game’s release in the west, as this feature was not originally included in the Japanese release in May 2021. However, the studios have cleared that no features in the Japanese release will be altered by default and instead, a separate patch will be released for this update.

Players will have the option to download this patch manually if they want the same-sex marriage feature in Rune Factory 5’s Japanese version. Since this comes in the form of a patch for the Japanese version, players can opt-out of it if they want.

With the announcement, Rune Factory 5 has become one of the most anticipated games for release in 2022 as a whole new fanbase will be attracted to the game following this update. The hype and anticipation are also increased by the fact that the last entry in the series, Rune Factory 4, was released over a decade ago and fans of the series have been waiting for the next installment to be released for such a long time.

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