Rumoured Games with Gold Offerings for November

With the end of October coming it’s time for the rumoured Games with Gold for November. While there is no confirmation that these are the games that will be coming, 4 have been named.

In a Tweet by VideoGamer’s Dave Scammell he shows a capture of what appears to to be the games revealed on the Hukd deals website:

While these games aren’t exactly the most spectacular they are believable when compared to some of the previous games revealed in the past. It looks like Xbox 360 may be getting the best of the deal with Dirt 3 and Dungeon Siege 3, but Pneuma – Breath of Life also seems to be well received.

What we do have to remember though is that this is just a rumour and we do get a few of these around the time it comes to new games being revealed. These aren’t always right, but it’s still interesting to see what could be (and what some people make up and post on sites like that).

Obviously with no reliable source to the revealed games, it will be interesting to see if anything comes from the list, but until more concrete evidence is provided, this is a highly speculative post. Chances are we could get some better (or worse) games revealed soon.

If these are the Games with Gold for November are you impressed at the offering? Let us know your thoughts below.

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