Rumors Of Microsoft Dolby Atmos And Vision Exclusivity Debunked

A rumor begun in the past that claimed that Microsoft and Xbox would have timed Dolby Atmos and Vision exclusivity has since been debunked by Microsoft themselves. Microsoft claimed that the information about exclusivity was inaccurate and had been published that way by Xbox France. Such a deal currently doesn’t exist.

Dolby Atmos and Vision are two Dolby products that deal with audio and visual parts of the Xbox Series X. Vision is already available to people that are part of the Xbox Insider program, as it’s the answer to the Playstation 5’s Tempest system.

It’s not that implausible for such a thing to have been true, either. Playstation made its own audio and visual hardware and software in order to avoid having to pay licensing fees for Dolby, while the Xbox Series X already is compatible with them. Other consoles however may yet use them as well, such as the Nintendo Switch.

Any rumors of Dolby Atmos and Vision exclusivity to Microsoft doesn’t really work considering their design philosophy, either. Microsoft has previously said that they want as many people to play games as possible, so getting exclusivity for Dolby’s products, even on a limited basis, flies in the face of that.

Not to mention, Microsoft is big enough that if it wanted to, it could follow Playstation and make its own audio and visual software and hardware for the Xbox Series X. The console already breaks ground on a number of different things, such as next-gen architecture that helps to drastically cut down loading times.

Regardless of whether or not Microsoft was aiming to get Dolby Atmos and Vision exclusivity when they were both available, however, both will hopefully make the power of the Xbox Series X even more relevant as developers start applying it to their games.