Rumors Say Bully 2 Casting Calls Have Begun For Motion Capture Acting Roles

Fans of one of Rockstar’s early hits, known as Bully, might have reason to celebrate if a recent rumor is true. Apparently, Bully 2 casting calls have begun for motion capture acting roles, so if true this might mean that the long-awaited sequel to the game is finally getting off the ground.

Bully is a coming of age open-world story that puts players in the shoes of a young boy named Jimmy Hopkins, whose gold digger of a mother has dropped him off at the prestigious Bullworth Academy while she and her new husband go off on a year-long honeymoon cruise. However, Bullworth is a horrible place filled with different cliques of students, and Jimmy will have to bring them all together in order to make the school a better place.

The game won widespread popularity and positive reviews when it first came out in 2006, but since then 12 years have gone by without a hint of a sequel (though multiple re-releases have gone by, including one on the Playstation 4 recently). But if the rumors of Bully 2 casting calls are correct, we might be returning to Bullworth sooner than we thought. Of course, that relies on the rumors being true.

Rockstar has since taken off from games like Bully into other open-world games like Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto, the third of which, San Andreas, had just come out two years before Bully did and two more years later would be followed by the immensely popular Grand Theft Auto 4, meaning that if anything Bully was just a stepping stone that helped to refine the systems later used in those games.

However, considering that Rockstar is developing (and is close to releasing) Red Dead Redemption 2, another highly popular game of theirs that isn’t Grand Theft Auto, maybe the studio is deciding to go back to some of its hidden or forgotten gems to see how sequels work out.

But, once again, we’ll have to see if the Bully 2 casting calls are real or not.