Nintendo Switch Pokemon Rumored To Feature 1st Gen Pokemon, Shares Elements With “Go”

Over the past few weeks, a great deal of discussion has been made around a possible upcoming Nintendo Switch Pokemon title. The rumored Pokemon “Let’s Go” now gets even more information to back it up, with the source claiming that the game will feature first generation Pokemon and it has more to share with Pokemon Go than we thought.

The information comes from 4chan user “Real Leaks” who previously revealed that the new Nintendo Switch Pokemon title is named “Let’s Go” and will have two versions, a Pikachu, and an Eevee one. Both games now have their own registered domains, backing up the rumors and are supposed to both be Yellow remakes.

According to Real Leaks, the supposedly new Nintendo Switch Pokemon “Let’s Go” will feature the first generation of Pokemon and Red and Blue will play a role in the game’s story where the player and his/her rival are new trainers. You’ll be able to have your own following Pokemon and when played online there will be a hub for players to meet.

What’s even more interesting is that the leak suggests a connection of the rumored Nintendo Switch Pokemon “Let’s Go” with the mobile title Pokemon Go. There seems to be a reward for linking your Nintendo Switch Pokemon game and Pokemon Go and there’s full integration with the mobile game as well. The leak also reveals that catching a Pokemon works much like in Go and there will be new accessories used in both games.

Getting to the important information, there will be a Nintendo Switch Pokemon Let’s Go announcement soon as Real Leaks suggests and that the game will surprisingly release this year. Given the nature of the information and the unknown source of this rumor, you should take the news with a grain of salt. However, if that comes to be true then we might be getting an announcement from Nintendo soon.

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