Rumor: All Xbox One Sales Discontinued To Make Way For Next Generation

A rumor has apparently started going about from Reddit that Microsoft has ordered all Xbox One sales discontinued, ranging from the original variant to the Xbox One X, likely to get the market ready for the release of the Xbox Series X. However, nothing has been confirmed yet with Microsoft, so be wary.

The only kinds of Xbox One still being manufactured are the consoles that are coming with third-party bundles, such as the Xbox One bundle with Cyberpunk 2077 and other ones like them. Otherwise, it seems like not just e-commerce distributors like Amazon, but also physical retailers like Target are also stopping sales of the console.

Microsoft may be doing this in order to introduce a kind of scarcity to force people to move along with new consoles, rather than keeping the old consoles around for a while to promote a slow transition like with the Xbox 360.

The Xbox Series X will have backwards compatibility as a huge part of its advantages, so it’s likely that by discontinuing Xbox One sales they hope that more people will move to the other console faster while still being able to play their games.

Playstation has done a similar thing, previously saying that Playstation 5 launch games would not be cross-generation to force people to move along. But while Microsoft has ordered Xbox One sales discontinued, there’s no similar news about the Playstation 4 being discontinued.

Considering how much video game sales went up on account of the COVID-19 pandemic causing many industries to be shut down, Microsoft may be banking on a desire for people to keep occupied to propel sales of the new console.

Of course, the Xbox Series X having good games people get excited for is also important, but we won’t be seeing those until June 23. But, again, there’s no official confirmation of Microsoft having Xbox One sales discontinued, so take this news with a grain of salt.