Rumor Wants Playstation 5 Reveal Event To Be In June

A new rumor wants Sony to be hosting a reveal event for Playstation 5 in June. Although this is nothing more than a leak, it does come with some valid points. The date is close to E3 while it gives Sony enough time to market the console properly.

The rumor-leak comes from VentureBeat writer, Jeff Grubb claims that there’s a Playstation 5 reveal event set for June 4. This coincides with recent news of the first PS5 games to release coming on June 2nd. If that’s true, then we might see the reveal trailer include some first trailers for those games. We hope to see Horizon Zero Dawn 2, God of War 2, and maybe a new Uncharted game amidst its ranks. We shouldn’t go that ahead already though.

Why is June 4th perfect for the Playstation 5 Reveal Event?

Since the news that Sony won’t be attending E3 this year, we expect them to stir up something of their own. Most likely, we’ll get a live stream, since some quarantine measures will still be in effect. Getting a June 4th event to Sony means that the marketing team will have enough time to create a strategy for the console launch. Undeniably, PS5 won’t need more than 5-6 months of marketing in order to sell big. Already, surveys show that 85% of gamers are eager to get a Playstation 5 when it releases.

In addition, Microsoft will most likely host its own reveal event for the release of Xbox Series X. As a result, the timing is right. Both companies want to get through the reveal stage with a big “wow” so they wouldn’t want to leave to much to the imagination beyond this summer.

The Playstation 5 reveal event date rumor does come as sad news. We lowkey hoped we would see the console design getting an earlier reveal. However, the timing is right and June has always been an important date for gamers so we’ll be happy with whatever we get.

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