Rumor: State of Play Bringing Death Stranding

Sony’s State of Play live stream is set for later this week, September 24. The day is huge in terms of gaming content; games like FIFA 20 and The Surge 2 are heading our way, and we have Sony’s stream to look forward to. One of the confirmed titles is The Last of Us Part 2, Naughty Dog has been teasing this game since last week.

Now, it seems Hideo Kojima might be preparing Death Stranding for Sony’s State of Play live stream too. This could be our the chance to finally understand the game better because apparently even Hideo Kojima doesn’t know what the game is about.

In a recent Tweet, Hideo Kojima is seen editing what looks like another trailer for Death Stranding, presumably for its State of Play showing. While unlikely, the rumored PC version of the game might show up. The long-rumored Death Stranding for PC was once mentioned by Sony itself but was later swept under the rug. However, we did manage to dig it up which led to further speculations.

Death Stranding is releasing later this year and Sony’s State of Play might be its final appearance before the big release. Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the live stream last week. The stream goes live on Tuesday, September 24 at 1:00 pm Pacific Time /4:00 pm Eastern Time.

It is a “hefty showing,” says Sony in a blog post. The September’s State of Play will last for 20 minutes and brings new game reveals, new content from PlayStation Worldwide Studios, and much more.

We’re preparing a pretty hefty show, weighing in at around 20 minutes and sporting a fresh new look. And we’ll have some great news to share with you, including new game reveals, new content from PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios, and a host of other updates. Should be fun!

Those hoping to hear something about PlayStation 5 during the live stream should keep their hopes in check this time around. To avoid any rumors and reports circulating the net, Sony itself confirmed that there are no plans to discuss “next-gen” during the show.

Tune in to Sony’s social media channels or YouTube to view the stream live. Meanwhile, pre-orders for the game are now live on PlayStation Store, third-party retailers. You can pre-order the game to get access to the following bonuses:

1: Gold “Sam” sunglasses
2: Gold hat
3: Gold Speed Skeleton (boosts Sam’s movement speed when equipped)
4: Gold armor plate (boosts Sam’s protection against any damage)

For more on Death Stranding, stay-tuned.

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