Rumor: Starfield’s Scale is Limited by Current-Gen Hardware, 2020 Release, and More

Starfield, Bethesda’s new sci-fi IP, is restricted in its scale because of current-gen consoles, according to a new rumor. However, it is being said that despite its limitations, Starfield is a massive game with one of the biggest worlds ever created by Bethesda and numerous activities for the players.

The current-gen hardware cycle is coming to an end so we expect by the time Starfield rolls out, PS5 and the next Xbox could be closer to release. The rumor also mentioned that Starfield is coming to both current and next-gen consoles.

In terms of graphics, Starfield is rumored to be a big improvement over past Bethesda games. Moreover, Stratfield takes place in our own universe but players may get to visit others as well.

The title is expected to be shown next at E3 2019 but apart from the what we may see of the game, what the game comes to is a hot topic of debate as well. PS5 and the next Xbox.

Full List of Leaked Information

  • It seems the original release date was planned for late 2019, however, it is really looking like it will release in 2020.
  • Regardless of the release date, expect to see some Starfield at E3 2019, but not too much.
  • The game will be releasing on both current gen systems, and next gen. Sadly the game is limited by current gen capabilities, nonetheless, it is still a very large game, even bigger than skyrim in terms of content and things to do.
  • The Graphics are incredible, a big improvement from past BGS games.
  • Starfield takes place in our universe.
  • The trailer shows an in game event, the protagonist being warped to another galaxy. You will play as an unknown/nobody once again. This seems to be a recurring pattern in BGS titles.
  • Due to the game starting in our solar system, you can only play as a human.
  • There are 4 planets in the game that you can visit.
  • Each of them had procedurally generated areas, but for the most part are hand crafted.
  • The largest planet is roughly 1.4x the size of Skyrim’s map, the rest are about 0.8x the size.
  • On one of the planets lies the biggest city in a Bethesda Game Studios game, over double the size of the Imperial City.
  • I wasn’t told much about the story, but I was told it will have you on each of the planets multiple times, and it is a long story with multiple endings
  • There are 3 main factions in the game, but there are guilds (ex: DB, thieves guild from skyrim) that are not really tied into the main story.
  • There is hundreds upon hundreds of hours of content. Atleast 150+ unique side quests.
  • Radiant quests will make a return.
  • The RPG elements will be an improvement from Fallout 4, but are still a bit streamlined to appeal to a large audience.
  • No voiced protagonist.
  • The combat system will be quite similar to that of Fallout 4.
  • The weapon modification system will be making a return.
  • There are driveable/flyable vehicles.
  • BGS has been experimenting with a separate online tournament system using the spacecrafts in the game. Similar to that of a dogfight with planes.
  • The tournament is still on the cutting board for the game.
  • If it does make it in the final product, it will not affect any of the single player element

It goes without saying that nothing out of this information in substantiated nor it’s official so take it with a grain of salt. But one thing is likely to happen, the game will be a cross-gen title.

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