Rumor: Scalebound Resurrected Exclusively On The Nintendo Switch

One of the biggest gaming disappointments in the last few years was the cancellation of Scalebound, an upcoming Platinum Games game that had a troubled development before finally being cancelled back in January of 2017. Now, however, a rumor is going around that Nintendo is having Scalebound resurrected on the Switch.

Previously, we’d heard some rumors from Game Informer’s Senior Editor Imran Khan that Nintendo’s next game was going to be a game that had been very definitively cancelled, and was thought as dead and buried. While there’s no guarantee that they were talking about Scalebound, we don’t know if it’s not.

Scalebound centers around a young man named Drew, who finds himself pulled into the mystical world of Draconis, where he bonds with a dragon named Thuban as he attempts to both save Draconis and find a way home. The game was originally going to be an Xbox exclusive, but if the rumor, which came from Nintendo Insider, is true, then we may be seeing it on a new console.

Originally, Microsoft had renewed the Scalebound trademark, but had then been forced to let it lapse when they couldn’t specify what application it would have once cancelled. But if there is a chance of having Scalebound resurrected by Nintendo, how would it even look?

While Nintendo has previously done open-world games in the past for the Switch, most particularly Breath of the Wild, there’s no telling what Scalebound would be like. The original game was supposed to allow you to fully customize Thuban into a wide range of different-looking dragons, along with having co-op.

There’s no telling if all of that will still make it into the game, or even if a Scalebound resurrection is even in the making (it is just a rumor so far, after all), but considering the hype around Scalebound when it was first revealed, Nintendo could win some points if they were able to get the license.

We’ll just have to wait and see what Nintendo ends up revealing, if Khan is even partially correct and the company is, in fact, having Scalebound resurrected.