Rumor: Retro Studio Is Developing a New IP For NX

A new rumor has emerged that Retro Studio is working on its next project. The rumor claims that next game from the studio will not be a sequel to Metroid, Donkey Kong or oddly it won`t be a Diddy Kong Racing 2 as well. The studio is working on a entirely new IP and the game is supposed to be in development for NX.

The rumor comes from twitter account of Emily Rogers who previously leaked information about Paper Mario Color Splash back in January ahead of its announcement.

Emily Rogers also reported recently that Nintendo NX will have more lineup of games at launch then Wii U had in its entire lifespan.

Emily Rogers Tweeted:

In a second Tweet:

These tweets aren’t to be taken too seriously as these are just rumors but there have been some talk around the internet that Retro studio is working on a original title and Emily Rogers do have a good reputation in such matters.

Retro is a first party game development studio for Nintendo which is consistent for keeping top quality of its games. The studio developed the successful Metroid Prime trilogy, then they developed two excellent games in Donkey Kong Country series.

Fans have been waiting for what the studio will bring next to Nintendo console.

What do you think of this rumor? Are you excited for a new title from Retro? Let us know in the comments.

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