Rumor: Offensive Changes Made to Bravely Second for NA/EU

It looks like west and its history with Native Americans may have played a part in what we are about to share with you. According to a rumor, some changes have been made to the Tomahawk class of Bravely Second.

The Tomahawk class was switched with Cowboy for the game’s western release, if an image posted online is to be believed.

Bravely Second

It’s pretty offensive!

Square Enix hasn’t officially revealed such changes and it could be possible that the image is a fake, something the internet thought would be funny to create.

Bravely Second will release in the west sometime in 2016 and is a sequel to Bravely Default. The game will use the same job-based system, but with a new protagonist.

The story will revolve around the kidnapping of Agnes Oblige and the player will act as a knight to protect Agnes. We’ll have more for you on the news and the game as soon as further information is shared.

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